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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 16
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Mark’s POV

My suspicions were correct. Sakira was sneaking out. I had someone watching her and she was seen coming in around four in the morning. And today her secret will let loose.

Sakira’s POV

“You’ve been smiling to yourself since. I need to know what’s going on”
Mary said.

“I’m fine”
I smiled.

“Did Dave do something to you”
she whispered.

“Shh. Don’t say that loud” I blushed as she mentioned Dave’s name.

“Ha, I knew it” she said. “So tell me what did he do” she asked.

“He kissed me”
I blushed

“No way”
she smiled “I knew he was hitting on you when I first saw the way he looked at you” she said.

“I’m leaving today”
I said changing the topic.

“And I’m happy for you. Now I don’t want you worrying about me don’t worry I’ll be fine. I’ve been here even before you came” she said and I smiled at her.

We talked and laughed together. It got darker and I prepared my things. This is it my freedom awaits me.

Dave’s POV

Before it got dark I had to tell my dad everything because I’ll be leaving for Africa with Sakira and I don’t know if I’ll want to come back to London.

“Dad, there’s something I need to tell you”
I said.

I was scared but I had planned this a long time ago.

“And what would that be son”
he said not looking away from the book he was writing on.

“I….I..lied….I lied to you father”
I said.

He stopped writing and he looked at me.

“I’ve been seeing someone and by someone I mean a girl at Mr Frank’s house” I said.

he said as he stood up from his chair.

“Father, she’s a good person. You have….”

I stopped talking when he slapped me.

“How many times did I warn you not to interfere with Mr Frank’s problems”
he shouted.

“She’s not his problem. I love her and I’ll go all length to see she leaves that place” I said as I was about to walk out.

he called and I stopped walking.

“If you step out from that door………then I don’t know you as my son”
he said.

I could sense fear in him as he threatened me. I sighed and didn’t turn to face him.

“I’ll take that chance”
I said as I walked away.

It hurts to leave my father in distress but circumstances had made it that way. I got to the play house, arranged all the documents and waited for Sakira.

Sakira’s POV

When it darkened, I sneaked out of the house. I hugged Mary before I left. Finally I’m leaving this God forsaken home. As I walked into the woods. I followed the pattern that Dave taught me. It felt like someone was following me. I turned round and saw no one. When I turned around to continue my journey, I jolted in fear as I saw a figure in front of me.

“Going somewhere”
the figure said
I soon realize that the figure was Mark. He grabbed onto my hand and the bag with me fell to the floor.

“Let me go”
I shouted.

There’s no way I’ll be going back to that hell.

“You’re going no where. You belong to me”
he said.

“I belong to no one”
I bit his hand and I pulled my hand away and began to run away.
I could feel mark’s presence getting closer. I was really scared and I made a silent prayer. As I ran I tripped over something making me to fall. As I tried to get up Mark held me so I wouldn’t be able to move.

“Let me go”
I groaned.

He carried me and successfully tied me to a tree.

“You’ll watch me as I kill your precious Dave”
he laughed.

Dave’s POV

I waited for Kira and she hadn’t arrived yet and it got me worried. I had the papers all we need to do is to leave. It was almost one am and she had not arrived.

Then I knew something was wrong. I left the house to search for her.

I shouted.

She was in trouble. I ran into the woods to look for her.

“Kira!! Sakira!!!”
I shouted.

Sakira’s POV

I heard Dave’s voice and I shouted.

I shouted.

Mark came and slapped me and covered my mouth to avoid me from shouting.

Dave’s POV

I heard her voice and followed the direction from where it came from.

I shouted hoping to hear her voice again but I didn’t. I kept on running and suddenly I found her tied to a tree.

I ran to her and removed the cloth from her mouth.

“Don’t worry I’ll get you out of this” I said but she was shaking her head and at that moment I fell on the floor and my head felt dizzy and welcomed pain.

I groaned in pain as I tried to stand but was kicked on my stomach and I rolled on the floor.

“Dave” Kira shouted.

I felt weak but I have to be strong for Kira.

“You think you’re some prince charming uh?”
Mark shouted. “You think you’re so special and different. I’m going to end you today” he said.

He lifted a wood to hit me but I rolled away missing it. I was still weak but I had to fight this or else both of us are going to die here.

I got up and mark came to punch me.
I didn’t fall but pain took over me. I became angry and I pushed Mark until he fell. I stayed on top of him and punched him continuously. He held my neck and pinned me to the floor. He was choking me.

“Yes die”
he laughed.

I held his hand but it was no use. I noticed a club very close to me, I grabbed it and hit his head with it causing him to faint. I got up and coughed really hard. I untied Kira and she hugged me tightly. I held her hand and we left for the play house.

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