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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 18
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Mark’s POV

I woke up and found myself in the woods. Dirt covered my face and a sharp pain followed as I sat up. The memory came back and i remembered how Dave ran away with Sakira. My father must hear this.

“Where did you go?”
My father asked as he collected the cup of tea Mary was giving him.

“Sakira has escaped”
I said.

“What!!!” He shouted and I saw how Mary flinched in fear.

“And she left with Dave. He helped her, he made a fool out of you” I told him.

he said as he stood up. “We must act fast. Gather all the men and block the seaport. They won’t have gone far” he said and walked out.

Then I looked at Mary who refused to look at me.

I said as I walked closer to her. “You had a hand in this didn’t you” I said but she didn’t reply. “Tell me!!!!” I shouted and slapped her.

She fell on the floor and looked at me.

I had nothing to do with this I swear”
she said.

I sighed and walked out to join my father.

Sakira’s POV
We began to gather everything and prepared to leave the playhouse.

“You ready”
Dave asked and I nodded.

As we were about to open the door we heard shuffling noises from the woods.

“Do you hear that?”
He whispered and I nodded.

We retreated back into the play house and stayed low.

“Check the house”
a voice said.

Dave held me close to him and we hid behind the door. The man struggled with the door but stopped.

“It’s locked”
the other voice said.

“Break it down. We could get evidence from here”
the other voice said.

My heart began to beat faster and I became really scared. Dave held my hand tight noticing my fear.

Dave’s POV

I grabbed a rod on the table and held Kira tight. I could sense fear in her and now wasn’t the time to panic, The man broke down the door and immediately I hit him with the rod causing him to fall on the floor. I held Kira’s and we ran outside the building. I could sense other men running after us. We ran as fast as we could not caring where we are headed. Kira fell and that slowed us down a bit. I raised her up and we continued running. We reach a point where we couldn’t run again. We were trapped.

“Oh no what do we do”
Sakira panicked.

I turned around hearing footsteps, I saw the men i recognize as Mr Frank’s men.

“Seize them”
the first man said smiling.

I said as I held Kira’s hand.

Then one of them punched me and pulled Kira away from me.

she shouted.

Two of the men pulled me up from the floor.

“Let me go”
Kira struggled as they took her away from me. “Dave” she shouted.

“Kira!!! Kira!!” I shouted.

Sakira’s POV

Once again I was back at the place I tried to run away from. I was taken away from Dave and presently I’m kneeling in front of Mr Frank and circled by his men. Just then a body fell by my side and I turned to see Dave. I widened my eyes and went closer to him.

I said holding his hand.

He cupped my face and looked into my eyes to see if I was okay.

Then the men separated me from Dave and Mr frank stood up and came closer to me and slapped me hard.

Dave shouted.

“You tried to run away and you thought it would work out”
he scoffed.

Then he turned to Dave.

“I didn’t think things would end up like this between us”
he said and Dave glared at him.

“You will rot in hell” Dave said and he slapped him.

“You made this thing come between us” Mr Frank said referring to me.

“We had nothing together. I’ve never liked you”
Dave said. “And we will never have anything together. People like you should be killed and throw your corpse to the animals. You deserve to be disrespected” Dave spat back at him.

Then Mr Frank held him forcefully on his chin.

“Don’t push me.”
He said releasing him from his chin. “I’ll consider the fact, your father is a good friend of mine. Lock them up” Mr Frank said.

I tried to hold Dave but they pulled us apart and locked us in different cells. I never wanted things to turn out this way.

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