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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 19
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Sakira’s POV

I was inside the dark room and thought of nothing. I sat on the floor and began to cry. Everything has failed. I’m not going back home what do I do now. I lifted my knee to my chest and hugged it burying my face. There’s no hope anymore, I give up. I could die right now.

Dave’s POV

I was on the floor and buried my face on my arm. I looked up when I heard the door open. I was angry immediately when I sighted the person that came in.

“What do you want”
I asked.

He kept his hand behind his back and lifted his head.

“I’ll give you a chance, leave that black dog and we’ll forget this all happened” Mark said.

I was mad at the statement he made and spat at his feet.

“To hell with you”
I said and he frowned at me.

“You’re a big fool” he said. “You’ll regret this. You have made that thing to influence you” he said.

I stood up and pushed him and he fell on the floor.

“Sakira is not a dog and neither is she a thing”
I said.

He stood up dusted his body and walked out. Immediately the door closed, I fell on the floor and sighed.

Sakira’s POV

We spent the day in the cell and now it was morning. A knock was made on the door.

a faint voice called and I walked closer to the door.

“Sakira it’s me Mary” the voice said and I sighed.

“Hello Mary” I greeted.

“Sakira, how are you?”
She asked.

“I’m fine”
I said.

“I’m sorry for all this”
she said.

“I…I’m not sure anymore Mary”
I cried.

“Sakira, I told you to always be strong. Don’t give up yet. We believe in you. You’ll make it out okay” she whispered.

I cried and nodded.

“I’ll be leaving now”
she said.

I said and I could hear her footsteps fade away.

I didn’t want her to go. I was scared and I felt helpless. I fell on the floor and cried.

Stacy’s POV

“Sir, what do we do with the prisoners”
the man said.

I was hearing the conversation my father was making with one of his men.

“It obvious that they would try to make another escape and we have to be careful or else they would expose us. So kill both of them. It’s for the best.”
My father said and my eyes widened.

How could he do such a thing.

“When should the operation take place”
the man asked.

“Very early tomorrow morning”
he said.

I have to do something quick. I won’t let my father do something like this. I said as i left the passage.

I left for the prison without getting noticed by my brother or my father.

“Ma’am you shouldn’t be here”
the guard said.

“I have something to say to the male prisoner” I cleared my throat.

My heart was beating because of fear but I couldn’t show it.

The guard seemed convinced and he let me into Dave’s cell.

He saw me and was shocked.

“What are you do…..”
I cut him short.

“Shh. I don’t have time to waste”
I whispered. “Here take these things and leave this night. My father is going to kill you tomorrow morning.” I said.

He looked at me with surprise.

I cut him short again.

“Dave we don’t have time to waste. You should leave now.”
I said and he nodded.

“How do we get rid of the guard”
Dave asked.

“I have an idea” I said.

Dave’s POV

Stacy was on me and was pulling my hair and hitting me and slapping me.

“You this fool. What do you think you’re doing trying to hit a girl”
she shouted enough for the guard to hear.

The guard came in and pulled her off me. The guard faced her and had his back facing me.

“Are you okay ma’am”
he asked.

“I’m not fine at all”
she said.

As they continued talking I picked up the stick I saw and hit his head with it and he fell flat on his face.

I looked at her and smiled.

“Thank you so much”
I said and she nodded.

“Now hurry and get Sakira. You don’t have much time.” She said as we both left the cell.

I ran to Sakira’s cell and opened it. She saw me and wrapped her hand around me and I hugged her tighter.

“How did you……”
she trailed when she saw Stacy.

She went to her and hugged her.

“Thank you”
she said to her.

“Come on let’s go now” I held her hand and left the prison building.

We found our way out without getting caught thanks to Stacy.

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