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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 2
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Today, after school I was on my way home when I noticed a group of tourists. I was stopped in order to let them pass. Suddenly one of them refused to take his eyes off me and it frightened me.

Mr Frank’s POV

I looked at one of them and there was something special about her.
“Get me that one. I want every information about her” I told my right hand man.
“yes sir” he replied

Sakira’s POV

After the troop passed, I ran home to tell my father what happened. I got home and thankfully I met my father before he went to the stream.

“papa i saw some people, i think they are the ones that are called the white men” i said
“is everything alright” he asked with worry.
“one of them was looking at me intensely” i told him
“you’ll be fine” he said and smiled
“he probably likes you” my mother teased
“he is a mature man” I said.
“it’s okay, don’t bother yourself with it” she said.

I nodded and joined my siblings at the back of the house.

Even though my parents have given me comforting words, I was still troubled.
Later my dad went fishing and my mom left for the market. it got dark before they both came back. I’d already prepared dinner for them. Today, it was pounded yam with efo riro(maeaning: Vegetable stew).

“wow, i’m always looking forward to your food” my dad said and I smiled .

we’ve already forgotten about everything we talked about in the morning. Everybody gathered round the floor got our hands washed and began to eat.

Mr Frank’s POV

“I got her information” my right hand man told me
“so” I asked
“she’s the daughter of a common fisherman and the first born of six children and I found the place she lives. Sakira is her name” he said..

“very good. let’s go there now.” I said as I left my residence.

my troop and i got to live with the King of their village. This place in Africa was Known as Nigeria. And it was once under the British colony. But now, things are different, they have been given their independence. Still, we Britons could still come here and decide to deal with some parts of this country. Like this village for example.

Sakira’s POV

We were all still eating when we had a knock on our door. we all went into silence and again we had a knock. My father told me to open the door. i did and my heart skipped after what I saw. I paused for a while.

“hello, aren’t you going to let us in?” he asked
It was the white man I saw earlier that was looking at me intensely and now he is here at my house. What is he doing here. How did he know my house.

“sorry.” I opened the door widely and he came in.

My mother cleared everywhere and my father welcomed them. as I was about to excuse all of them. the white man stopped me.

“no don’t go in. you are the main reason why I am here” he said

I looked at my parents and confusion was in our premises.

I stood beside my parents since they were sitting.

“It’s good to be here” he said “I’m Mr Frank and I’m from London” he said
“it’s good to know you. what is your main reason here” my father said sternly
“Like I said earlier I am here for your daughter” he said looking at me
“what is that supposed to mean. Who are you to just walk in here and ask for my daughter?” my father said. I could sense anger in his tone. I touched his shoulder to calm him down.

Mr Frank stood up from the sit and began to talk.

“I noticed that this country is not a developed country at all and I’m here to give an offer” he said
“what offer” my father asked
“I want to take your daughter with me to london and give her a better education” he said
“no thank you. I already have a good education” I said. I was scared when I spoke but this is me they are talking about. I can’t just keep on looking like nothing is going on.

“she’s talented. I like your spirit” he smiled.

My parents looked at me and waited for me to speak.

“What do you want” I asked
“Come with me, let me give you a better life. A life you won’t regret” he

I looked at my parents and I was scared. He had a point. But I can’t just go with someone I don’t know.

“We’ll think about it” I said.

“Sure take your time. I won’t rush you” he said.

Later he left and I was filled with thoughts and worries. I hope this man is faithfu

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