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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Sakira’s POV

We were inside the canoe and Dave’s leg was bleeding causing him to be in pain. I was worried and I couldn’t think of what to do help him from his pain. We couldn’t go back to the seaport, knowing fully well Mr Frank will have men waiting for us there and at this point we don’t know where we are headed.

“I’ll take you to my house, so we can get your friend treated. From the looks, it is already infected”
the canoe man said and I nodded.

“Thank you”
I said.

Later we arrived at the man’s house. It wasn’t a big house but it looked comfortable. I kept Dave’s right arm over my shoulder and the canoe man did the same to his left. We supported Dave as he leapt into the house. A woman came and collected Dave’s hand from me and they la!d him on the bed. I watched as the man got some instruments and in a few seconds Dave began to shout in pain and I heard a solid object sound inside the plate the man took. It was the bullet and it was covered with blood. The man treated the wound and covered it with band aid.

After a while the man left and I was left alone with Dave in the room. I sat on the chair beside the bed and looked at him. He wasn’t asleep but he was weak.

“I caused this”
I said. “I’m the reason for this” I said.

Then I felt a hand on mine and I looked up at Dave.

“Kira. We will get through this together”
he said weakly.

“But most of the pain goes to you” I said and he smiled.

“I’m to protect you and I guess I’m doing a pretty good job by taking all the pain.” He said.

Just then the canoe man came in with a bowl in his hand with a liquid in it. The man was a black man like me. He gave Dave the liquid to drink and that made him to sleep in a short time.

“What did you give him?”
I asked

“It’s pain reliever”
he said. “Come with me” he said and I followed him outside.

He looked at the sky and then at me.

“I can see you are being chased by some group of people”
he said.

“Yes. It’s a long story.”
I said.

“Did you escape something”
he asked.

“Yes. Slavery, I escaped slavery and I want to return to my land”
I said and he sighed.

“I can help you”
he said
I looked at him with surprise.

“But we cannot pass through the main streets if you don’t want to be caught by the men after you”
he said. “We will pass through the path of the woods” he said. “Then I’ll link you to the next city and you can take its own border” he said.

That was a very good idea. Then my thought went back to Dave.

“But what about Dave”
I asked.

“He will be able to walk by tomorrow. The drink I gave him works really well at relieving pain.”
He said.

“Thank you so much”
I said. “What’s your name” I asked

he said. “We should be able to get to the next town in three days. So tomorrow we will leave” he said

Mr Frank’s POV

“You lost them!!!”
I shouted angrily.

“We’re sorry sir”
the one I put in charge apologized.

“I always have to do it myself” I said as I took my coat and my gun and went with the boys to find them and once I find them I won’t hesitate to waste them.

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