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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 22
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Sakira’s POV

We got up early the next morning and began to move. We had nothing left. I abandoned all my clothes when we tried to run away from Mr Frank’s men. All we had was just the documents to board the ship. Dave woke up and just like the man had said the pain had gone a little.

“Can you walk”
I asked him.

He stood up from the bed and took a step. He was still leaping though.

“At least I can try”
he looked at me and smiled.

“We have to leave now” Charlie said.

We all left the house and got into his canoe. The sun was not yet out and the weather was cold. I hugged myself to avoid getting cold. Then suddenly warm hand wrapped around me and moved closer to me. I smiled and rested on Dave’s chest.

“You’ll be fine”
he said.

“Here, eat this. My wife made it”
Charlie said.

I released myself from Dave’s grip and took the warmer from Charlie. I opened it and the aroma of the food was amazing. I took the spoon and began to munch the food. I went closer to Dave so he could also get to eat.

“This is amazing”
Dave said.

“Your wife is a good cook”
I said and he smiled.

Finally, we reached the end of the river and we got out.

“Our real journey begins here”
Charlie said.

We entered into the forest and began walking. We began to walk and I know this is going to take a long time before we arrive at the next town. I hope we don’t encounter Mr Frank.

Mr Frank’s POV

“We can’t all go together. We split. You”
I pointed at one of them. “Take five men with you and wait at the seaport. If you see them, kill them. The rest of you follow me, we are going into the woods” I said.

She is the first slave that has ever tried to escape from me and that will cause a lot of problems for me. If anyone finds out that I got her illegally, that would make me go to jail and I cannot afford to go to jail.

Sakira’s POV

We kept on walking and the day brightened and silence passed through us. The hot sun was piercing through the trees and I got tired. I gave a frustrated sigh and that made Dave look at me with a worried face.

“Are you okay?”
He asked and I smiled.
He held my hand and we both walked together. We had covered a distance but still nothing close to the next town.

Night came and we had to camp. Charlie had already packed up tents for us knowing fully well we would spend the night in the woods.

“we would camp here”
Charlie said after finding a suitable place to build the tents.

Dave helped him with the tents. I knew his leg wasn’t fully healed and I tried to help but he didn’t allow me to intervene.

Mr Frank’s POV

We came across a small village very close to the river and we rallied round it.

“They should have come here. This is the closest village to the woods”
one of my Man said.

“Check them all. Scatter the house. Check for any evidence. Threaten them and if anyone resists…….kill them” I said as he nodded and left with the other men. And slowly I trailed behind them.

People began to scream, houses were on fire, I could hear the cries of babies but that didn’t bother me. I have to get Sakira and kill her before she makes more attempts to destroy me. She is one of the smartest blacks that I have ever seen. Sometimes this people should not be underestimated, I never thought she would do anything like this.

“What do you want”
the woman said fidgeting.

I was told she was the wife of the head of the village.

“Where is your husband”
I asked.

I noticed the husband wasn’t here and so instead they brought the wife. I made to kneel in front of me as I began to interrogate her. She turned her face away from me like she was hiding something. I dimmed my eyes waiting for her to talk.

“He…..he went out”
she said and I slapped her.

a boy scream and ran to her. “Don’t you hit my mama. You cowards” he said angrily and I smiled.

“Take him”
I said as my men rallied round the boy and held him by his hands.

“No let me go”
he struggled.

“Please don’t hurt him.”
The woman cried.

“Then tell me where the two people that came here went” I shouted.

“They…..they went through the east woods”
she cried and I smiled.

I nodded to my men and they threw the boy to the floor. Then she ran to her son and I turned to leave with my men.

“Kill them all and don’t leave a soul out”
I said as I walked away. And the last thing i could hear was scream and wailing of people.

Sakira’s POV

I jolted up from sleep. Sweat on my fore head and my back and I was panting. Slowly Dave woke up from my side and looked at me with worry.

“Bad dream”
he said and I nodded.

Then he turned to dace me and he hugged me.

“I promise you, Kira all is going to be fine. We’ll get through all this……together.”
he said and I buried my face on his plain chest.

“I’m scared” I muttered.

Then he hugged me tighter.

“Don’t be. No one will take you away from me”
he said.

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