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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 23
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Mr Frank’s POV

I stepped on ashes from burnt wood. I picked it up to feel the texture and it was still warm. That means they have not gotten too far. I smiled to myself.

“We’re close to them” I said as I kept on walking really fast with my men.

Sakira’s POV

We had already left the camping spot and we continued our journey. I walked beside Charlie having Dave at our back.

“So Charlie do you have children”
I asked him.

“Yes two wonderful children. The best gift God can ever give” he smiled.

Then Dave came in front of us.

“We have to walk fast. Let’s save the chat for later.”
He said as we increase our pace.

Then for some reason, I turned back and I could see some people from a distance and my heart beats increased. They’ve found us.

“Dave we are being followed”
I said.

They turned around and saw them. Dave’s eyes widened and held my hand.

Charlie shouted.

We began to run and also the men behind us. Gun shots were made and we bent to avoid the bullet from meeting us.

At some point I would fall and Dave would come back to support me.

We began to run and run and finally came to a halt to catch our breathe.

I looked back and I sighed when I saw the men were no longer there.

“I think we’ve lost them”
Dave said.

Suddenly, a man came out from one side of the woods. We straightened ourselves to make a run for it through the other side and just then some other men popped out and we were surrounded. I heard claps from in between two men and out of them came the person I feared the most. Mr Frank.

“Wow, I must say, I’m surprised and impressed on how you’ve gotten this far. I didn’t expect this much from you….Sakira” he smiled and suddenly the smile faltered “this ends now. One thing remains for sure, is that you can never run away from me” he said and my heart beat increased. It couldn’t stop beating fast.

“Take her” he said.

“No leave me alone”
I struggled.

Then two hefty men came closer to me and tried to lift me. Then suddenly, Dave picked up a fight and hit the man to the ground and collected his gun.

“Leave her alone”
he said angrily pointing the gun at them.

Then one of them wrapped his hand around my neck and pointed a gun on my head.

“If you don’t drop the gun, I’ll shoot her”
he said.

I was so scared, I couldn’t think and I was covered with the fear of getting killed. Slowly Dave dropped the gun and the men went round him, punching and kicking him.

“I’m going to make your death slow and painful”
Mr Frank whispered in my ear.

I summoned courage and I spat on him face. With disgust he wiped it off and told the man holding me to tie me, Dave and Charlie on the tree.

After they succeeded in tieing us to the tree, Mr Frank came to us smiling and stopped in front of Charlie.

“You must be the head of that village of yours”
he said and Charlie looked at him with hatred.

“What have you done to my village”
Charlie said angrily and Mr Frank smiled.

“No….you didn’t… B-----D!!!! YOU DEMON!!!! The heavens will surely punish you for this. You will pay for this” Charlie shouted as Mr Frank walked away.

“My family” Charlie cried.

I couldn’t say anything at all. Everything was gone. Mr Frank killed his family. He would pay for this. I’m not ready to give up. I’m going to fight this till the end. I looked at Dave who was filled with wounds and sores. I felt so sad seeing him in this mess.

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