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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 29
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Sakira’s POV

I taught Dave a few thing about my culture and tradition.

“So when you want to greet. You prostrate”
I said.

“Do I really need to do that?”
He asked
“Yes if you want to win their heart” I said.

We had not told my parents about Dave’s proposal and I’m trying to fix him up so my parents can like him. Because if they don’t, I can’t marry him.

“Now you will have to follow my dad to the stream everyday and help him to fish”
i said

“That’s not too bad”
he said.

Suddenly my sister came in to the room. I did not have a big room. In fact I had to give my room to Dave to sleep and I had to sleep in the living room. There was one thing we had that really disturbed Dave. Mosquitoes. At every single minute he was always scratching himself.

“Mami sope kin fu yi”
she said as I collected the clothes from her.

“Here wear this” I said as I gave Dave the clothes.

It was my father’s clothe. We do not have clothes like the ones they have in London.

“This is more like an oversized singlet”
Dave said. “It’s baggy and it is not covered. I’ll be more attracted to the mosquitoes” he complained.

I went out of the room and got him a wrapper.

“Here cover yourself with this. Dave this is Nigeria and not London. Everything is not as developed as your own country”
I said.

“I noticed”
he said and I smiled. “How come you speak better English” he asked.

“I read and I lived in London for months.”
I said stating the obvious.

“Sleep well”
I said as I was about to leave.

“Stay with me” he pleaded.

“My father will kill you for having his daughter around you in a room alone.”
I said and he laughed.

“Okay then goodnight” he said and I left.

We didn’t use beds like the whites did, instead we slept on mats. Things were different and Dave did not get used to the life of my village.


Dave’s POV

There’s something I can do do help this village. I can move this village further and make it more advanced. Ha I know what to do.
The next morning I woke up and met the others awake. They all stared at me and smiled.

“Good morning Dave”
the man greeted.

And just then I remembered Kira’s teaching. Immediately I went straight to the floor and prostrated. They all looked surprised and kira smiled.

“Good….. No….eka ro”
I greeted.

I know I didn’t pronounce it well bilut come on I tried.

They all laughed and were amazed at what I just did.

“Wow I’m impressed”
the mother said and I smiled.

“Come, join us and eat” the man said.

There I sat with a family of eight and ate only God knows what. But it tasted good.

“Hmm, what is the name of the food”
I asked

“This is pounded yam and ewedu” Kira said.

I have no idea what the food is but the stew was slippery and we ate with our hands.

Later after the food, the father was off to the stream.

“I’m going to fish, would you want to join me?”
He asked

“Uh no”
I said. “Maybe next time” I smiled.

he said looking disappointed.
When he left I went inside to organized myself. I took off the oversized clothe kira called agbada. And remained shirtless with just the short. I have no idea how I will have my bath.

“You didn’t go with my father?”
Kira asked with surprise.

“No, I have plans” I said.

“Why aren’t you wearing the cloth I gave you”
she asked.

“It’s too big and heavy”
I said. “Beside, how do i even have my bath” I asked.

“I’ll take you to a stream”
she said.

“You have got to be kidding me”
I said.


Finally, I had my bath after going through tons of embarrassment. For God’s sake, I had to take my bath in the open. Where there are no doors. No restrictions. Anything can pop out and meet you there. Kira left me alone in the stream and I had to find my way back to the house. This was not what I hoped it would look like. But thing will change soon.

I got back and change into another round of oversized and heavy clothing. Even kira wore something like a wrapper and an oversized blouse.

I went outside to begin what I had thought about.

“Kira, can I use your friend and some other guys for something” I asked her.

“Is it Gbenga”
she asked

I said. If that’s his name.

She got me the guy and five other guys. I had to speak gently or else I would be wasting my time.

“Now I see you guys have good bamboo sticks. I need you guys to follow me so we can get lots of bamboo sticks”
I said.

Fortunately, they understood and we got a lot of bamboo sticks.

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