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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 3
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My mind never left the situation that happened yesterday. After school, I got home and i met Mr Frank waiting for me. As I entered he stood up to greet me.

“ha there’s my little angel” he smiled.
“good day” I greeted
“wait how old are you?” he asked
“I’m eighteen” i said.

“perfect you are of age” he clapped his hands and smiled brightly
My parents came out from the room on hearing my voice.

“your parent have concluded” he said.
Everywhere was silent and I looked at them with tears hanging on my eyes.
“you’re coming with me” he said
i burst into tears and I went into the room and cried hard. I can’t believe they actually want me to go with him.

“Sakira it will be okay” my father assured me as he sat beside me.

“how… will everything be okay?” I asked in tears.

“Just think of the education you are going to receive from him. all the good things you’ll receive think about them. I trust you and I know you’ll make it okay.” he said.
i hugged him and cried more. he patted my back

“I’ll be back soon” i said
“That’s my girl” he smiled
I cleaned my face and went back to the living room.

“so” Mr Frank asked
“When are we leaving” I asked
“perfect. I’ll come pick you up tomorrow” he smiled
he brought out a bag of money and gave my mother and she collected it.
“give the money back. we don’t need it” my father said.
“no I insist. It is money of gratitude” he said.

Mr Frank’s POV

Now I know how stupid and ignorant this people can be” I said lighting a cigarette
“how would you cross the border with her” my right hand man asked
“forge some papers for her” I said
“yes sir” he said.

Sakira’s POV

Finally the day has come for me to leave. My siblings cried, not wanting me to leave. Finally Mr Frank came to pick me.
“are you set to leave” he asked
“yes I am” I said
I turned to my parents and hugged them along with my siblings. I left them as I followed Mr Frank. I cried on my way because I knew I was going to miss them. We got to the border where all the white men were. I felt so strange being among people that are entirely different from me in every way. In colour, in attitude, in language, in tradition and in technology we are extremely different.
We headed for the ship and I turned to say my final goodbye to my country. I smiled at it and told myself, I’ll be back soon with the technology of the white men. I got into the ship and the ship began to move. we’ve left the shore. This is it I’ve finally left the land I was born, the land I am used to. My home
“these are your papers” my Frank told me interrupting me from my thoughts.
“what for?” i asked
“you’ll use them when we get to London” he said

“you never told my parents about this” i said.

“I guess I forgot. just hold on to it and no more questions” he said aggressively and I jolted.

I don’t think I like how aggressive he behaved. Something in me was already doubting this man. And I hope I was wrong

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