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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 30
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Sakira’s POV

I had no idea what Dave was up to but he had been busy since morning. I made them akara(beans cake) so they could have something in them.

“Have this” I said and dropped the plate on a small wooden table.

he said as he planted a kiss on my cheek.

Hr took a bite and continued what he was doing.

Dave’s POV

We had gotten the amount of bamboo sticks that we need for now. I and the boys cut the sticks and smoothen them into plywood. After that, I made the structure of a bed and designed it. They watched me in amazement and were surprised at what I was doing.

Finally, I made a bed. It took me the whole day to make just a single bed alone and of course very tiring. With the help of the boys I took the bes structure into the house and placed it in the room of Sakira’s parents. When she saw what I had done she left her mouth ajar.

“You made this”
she asked

“I couldn’t watch your parents sleep on the floor again”
I said.

“I can’t believe it”
she said.

I took the mattress and la!d it on the bed structure and it became a normal bed.

“It looks like the real ones I slept on in London”
she said. “How did you do it” she asked.

“Well, considering the fact I studied architecture. Let’s just say I did some calculations, measurements and it worked.” He smiled.

“I love this”
she said as she stroked the bed.

“All that is left, if for your parents, to see it” he said


“Did you make this”
the man said looking surprised.

“Yes I did sir” I smiled.

“Impossible” he said. “You made this.”

“I did sir”
I said.

“This is amazing. Nobody, in the history of my life has ever thought of doing something like this before”
he said.

“Well, change is constant” I said.

“Thank you so much”
he said.

Kira’s mother looked at me with surprised and so did the other children. They sat on the bed and felt really comfortable.

“Now you don’t have to sleep on the floor again”
I said.

I was going to change this family. I was going to upgrade them. I am going yo make them fall in love with me.

The next day, I got busy again. This time I was going to make windows and doors for the house. I got the boys and we fetched more bamboo sticks. I did most of the measurement but they helped with the cutting and smoothening.

During the process of working I decided to take a break.

I walked through the roads of the village and studied new things. Then something caught my attention. I saw my father.

He came towards me with all his men, he had come for me.

he called.

I was still angry about the fact that he disowned me but I was ready to forgive him.

“What are you doing here”
I asked.

“I’ve come to take you home”
he said.

“This is home”
I said. “I like here and I’m not going anywhere” I said.

“I’m sorry”
he said and I was shocked. “I’m sorry for doing what I did. I was scared of loosing you but I noticed that I’ve lost you more than anything” he said. “I never felt myself after that day. I searched for you but I never found you. I’m sorry son. Please forgive me” he said.

“I forgive you father”
I said as I hugged him.

“Let’s go home” he said.

“No I can’t, I like here and I want to remain here”
I said.

“Look at this place, it’s filthy and so undeveloped”
he said.

“That’s why I’m going to change it”
I said. “I’m going to make it look developed. This is what I want father. To express myself. The gift inside of me and finally, I have the chance to show it. So please let me stay” I said.

“Okay. If that’s what you want.”
He sighed and smiled.

“By the way, I’m getting married soon” I said and he widened his eyes
“To that girl of your?”
He asked and I nodded. “Well good for you. I hope she gives you what you want” he said.

“Thank you father”
I said.

Later he returned back to London. I went back to continue what I had started. I finished the doors and windows. If only I could paint them. But unfortunately, no paints.

I fixed the doors and windows in the various measured positions. At least there would be no more mosquitoes. I made the bed wood for Sakira and also for myself and also for her siblings. I fix them all in the various rooms and I smiled at my good work.

With the help of the boys, I redesigned the chairs in the living room and made it more comfortable. They had electricity but it was once in a lifetime. I wish I could do something about it but it seems not.

I thanked the boys and gave then some things from what my father had given me. I went back to my normal English wear and not some traditional dressing again. At last.

When they all returned and saw the amazing wonders I had done again. They were all taken back by surprise and they looked at me like I am some angel that has descended to bless them.

“You are wonderful”
the father praised and blessed me.

“We can’t let you go like this. We have to give you something big in return” the mother said.

Finally the moment I have been waiting for.

“What do you want my son”
the man asked.

“I want to marry your daughter”
I said.

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