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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 4
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I went to the deck of the ship and was looking at the sea or should I say lost in thoughts.
“It’s strange not finding you about to puke now” a voice said bringing me out of my thoughts.

I turned to see a white guy almost around my age or older with green eyes and blonde hair with a nice British accent.

“It…….it doesn’t disturb me” I said.

“You seem new” he said as he walked closer to where I stood.

“Yes I am” I replied.

“So how do you find this place” he asked
I shrugged. I really am not enjoying myself.

“So you’re from……” He stressed
“Nigeria” I said
“That’s nice. I find the place really nice and your people are friendly and accommodating” he said.

“Thank you” I smiled
“I’m Dave by the way” he said.

“I’m Sakira” I said.

“Hmm what a nice name” he said and I smiled.

“Dave” another voice called
I turned to see a girl around my age
“the dance is about to start” she said
“I’ll be right there” he said
before she left she looked at me like she was ready to sq££ze the life out of me and it scared me a little.

“so then, I guess I’ll be seeing you later” he said and I smiled
“yeah bye” I said
he left to join the girl. I remained at the deck of the ship lost in my thoughts again.

“SAKIRA” a voice shouted my name and I jolted
I turned to see a drunk looking Mr Frank.

“What are you doing here” he asked
“Nothing” I answered.

“i did not pay 10,000 pounds for nothing. now move here and serve the drinks” he said pulling me away from the deck of the ship.

I now realize that this man has just stylishly bought me from my parents and everything he promised was just a lie. I felt devastated and angry
“get your hands off me. this was not what you talked about with my parents” I retorted and then he laughed.”

“you don’t get it do you? I bought you with good ten thousand pounds, I own you and I can do anything I want with you. you belong to me.” he said.

i covered my mouth and tears fell from my eyes.

“you liar!!!!” i shouted
“your parent were to stupid and ignorant to know it is not wise to give your child to someone you don’t know” he said
“my parents are not stupid. you are the stupid one.” i said angrily
then he slapped me.

“don’t you ever in your life call me that. you and your people are just pieces of rags and dirt polluting the earth” he said and walked away.

i knew i was in trouble and now there’s no escape, it’s too late. i did as I was ordered to do to avoid further embarrassment and when i was done i ran down to the cabin and cried my heart out.


I noticed how Mr Frank shouted and slapped Kira and so did some other people but they did not interfere. She was made to serve Mr Frank and his friends drinks and they poured the drink on her and pushed her to the floor. it was really embarrassing, i did feel for her. i wanted to do something but my father stared at me sternly and that automatically warns me not to interfere with Mr Frank’s problems. all I did was just to watch. later she left to a familiar place.

“excuse me” I told Lizzy.

I stopped dancing with her and I went after Kira. I found her sitting with her face down. she must be crying.

“Kira” I called
“leave me alone” she said.

I was silent for a while. then I summoned courage, sat beside her and spoke to her.

“he lied to you didn’t he?” I asked
she was silent and she kept on crying. I turned her around and hugged her.
“you’ll be fine” I assured her.


Dave was different unlike the rest of them. he was really friendly and very caring.
“what is this?” a voice said.

I looked up to see the girl I saw earlier and then slowly I pulled away from his hug.

“Dave I can’t believe you are messing around with dogs like her” she said
I frowned at her statement.

“Lizzy please don’t do this” he begged. “I’m just consoling her that’s all” he said
“I don’t understand why you should feel pity for trash like this” she said as she walked closer to where I sat and suddenly pulled my hair and threw me to the floor.

“Lizzy!!!!” he shouted
I was on the floor groaning in pain.

“don’t Lizzy me. you are really stupid you know” she said and walked away.

I sat up and cried harder.

“Kira i’m so sorry” he begged
“just leave me alone…….please” I said and slowly he left.

Hell has begun for me

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