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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 5
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After a few days we arrived at London and honestly the place was entirely different from my home town. there were more of cars and tall buildings. it was like another world entirely. We got to a house I assume to be Mr Frank’s house.

The gate was opened and he drove in into the house. In front of the house I saw a woman and two children around my age waiting for Mr Frank. As soon as the car came to rest, we all got down.

“welcome father” the girl greeted as she lifted her gown and bent a little.

their tradition is entirely different, in my culture we kneel as females to greet the older ones.

“welcome back, how was your trip” the woman I presume to be his wife asked
“good” he said
Suddenly the son approached me and was really close to me which was uncomfortable.
“Dad I see you’ve brought a new one” he smirked looking at me.

I could see his father’s eye in him, he must be as devilish as his father. This one will be another problem.

“Mark, I don’t want you touching her” Mr Frank said.

“oh no” he said “well at least not now” he murmured enough for me to hear him. he began to stroke my cheek.

“get your hand off her” the girl pulled him away and took him inside the house. I released the breath I was holding.

I need to be extra careful and try all my best to avoid him. he would have intentions.

soon some slaves came to take me to where I would stay. they looked at me differently. I seemed to be the neatest of them all. I felt a little bit at rest when I saw blacks, at least people that look like me.

“you are really beautiful” a lady said to me.
“thank you” I replied.

“be careful with him, he’s terrible and has no heart” she said
“i know I could tell” I said.

Then she pointed to a girl.

“you see her” she said

I turned to see a girl behaving in an abnormal behaviour. her hair was scattered and she was dirty. she sat close to the wall.

“what happened” I asked
“he did that to her. he’s been abusing her and beating her if she doesn’t want to co-operate with him and it affected her seriously. she became a psychic and no one could do anything for her. she’s been like that for three years now. he’s like his father.” she said
“thank you” I said
“I’m Mary” she said
“Sakira” I said.

“nice name” she said
“thank you” I smiled.

soon another lady came in and spoke to me
“Sakira your attention is needed in the masters house” she said.

I took a deep breath looked at Mary before I left. I got there and met them all having dinner.

“you called me” I said.

“yes I did. this is my home and this is my wife and children.” he said
“i know” I said
“good. now they are your masters and whatever they tell you to do you must obey. is that clear” he said.

“what if their request is not to my favour” I asked without any fear.

they looked at each other not expecting that kind of question from a girl like me.

Mr Frank stood up and was moving closer to me
“don’t you ever question my authority” he said.

his wife stood up and touched him. then she moved closer to me and slapped me. I was expecting that.

“don’t ever question your masters. you are nothing but dogs to obey services given to you” she said
Great another devil.

“whatever we ask for even if it doesn’t favour you. you must obey” she said and then I saw her son smiling and looking at me.

I summoned courage to talk. I would not let this people to rubbish me on the floor I’m not a dog, I’m human.

“then I’m sorry I cannot do anything that will not favour me. Even the dogs bark at the things that worries them and if it goes off limit, they bite.” I said.

“you this brat” she said as she lifted her hand to hit me.

I wasn’t scared anymore. the worst they’ll do is hit me. I’m prepared for it.

“mom…….stop. it’s ok. don’t let a girl like her ruin our mood. it’s not worth it.” she said
I looked at her but she didn’t
“leave our premises” Mr Frank said
I turned to leave but fell down. I realized that Mark put his leg in the way and fell me down. I got up and walked away quietly leaving them in their laughter.

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