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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 6
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The next morning, a loud siren woke everyone up. The slave residence was filled with about twenty bunks. I slept at the last one on the bottom bed. The head of slaves assigned everyone to their various duties. Fortunately I was not assigned to Mr Frank’s house. I was given a bag of soya beans and was told to plant all before sunset. I took the bag with me to the garden. I dug the soil with a hoe and placed about five seeds in the soil. I kept on digging and placing. It was tiring but I had no choice. I stood to stretch and then I saw Mark coming my way. Oh no.

“Good day” I bowed
“Yes good day and how are you” he said.
“Fine thank you” I said with a straight face.
“You should learn to smile” he frowned
“There’s nothing to smile about and your presence here is devastating” I said.

“You know one thing about you……you are not afraid” he said.

“You are not God, why should I be?”

“Oh you should be, because I’m your master and you’re under my command” he said.

“Mr Mark, you are not my master and I am not under any command of yours” I said.
He pulled me closer holding my hand to hurt me.

“You had better watch the way you talk or else you will cause something for yourself.” He said throwing me to the floor and walk away.

I stood up and continued what I was doing.
Later in the night, Every slave gathered around telling each other their story and how they ended up here.

“What about you Sakira? What’s your story?” Mary asked.

“Well I was living fine and good with my family back at Nigeria. Then one evening Mr Frank came to my house convinced and gave my parents reasons I should come with him. They agreed and it was later I realized all was just a lie” I said as tears came down my cheeks.

Everyone looked in silence and pity. I cleaned my face and felt embarrassed.

“I’m sorry” I sniffed and smiled “I shouldn’t be behaving this way” I said.

“No it’s okay, everyone has a story to tell” Mary said.

“I hope that one day I’ll leave this mess for good” I said.

Stacy’s POV

I heard all their stories they spoke about and the lies my father told them. it hurts me so much that they all have to suffer this way. I made up my mind not to be like my father. sometimes I wish I could help them in a way but my father’s status is powerful and he is heartless. I just mind my own business and live an ignorant life. all I do is pray that God will show mercy and send someone to fight for them. After a while I walked away and went to my house.

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