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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 7
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Again like the last morning, a siren blew and everybody woke up. just like the last time, everyone was assigned to their various duties and unfortunately for me I was assigned to Mr Frank’s house. i’ve been praying not to be assigned to that house. I tried all my best to avoid myself from reaching that house but it seems unavoidable.

“be careful”
Mary told me
“thank you”
I smiled

I got in with a broom and a mop. I started from the kitchen, it was really attracting. I must say, these white men have the sense of art and decoration in them. it was well decorated and well furnished. I washed all the dishes and cleaned the cabinet, swept and mopped the floor. I moved to the dinning room, cleaned the table and chairs swept and mopped the floor. Then I moved to the living room, dusted the chairs and cabinet filled with lots of decors, I dusted the shelf and swept and mopped the floor. the house was massive and very stressful to clean. I stretched my body and I turned around noticing a presence with me and that presence was Mark. I don’t understand why he can never let me be.

“you weren’t scared”
he smirked
“please I’m busy”
I said

“you amuse me with your brave attitude, you think you are different, you should shiver anytime I walk by”
he said circling me
“you are nothing to me, you are not my master neither are you my God. there is absolutely nothing I should be afraid of, Especially from a person like you”
I said

then he slapped me.

“you brat.”
he said

“that’s enough”
I looked up to see his mother.

he looked at me with hatred and walked away.

“you, if you love yourself you had better keep that hole in your face shut or else your stay here would be worse than hell itself”
she said and walked away.

I didn’t want to cry but I couldn’t hold it anymore. I fell to the floor and cried really hard. honestly I was scared I really want to go, I want to leave this place because it scares me, each day I spend my life here, it is always at stake.

“are you going to keep crying all day”
a voice said

I stood up and turned to see who spoke, it was their daughter

“i’m working. I just cut myself”
I lied
“a person wouldn’t cry over a cut. what you are going through is more than a cut, it’s a big wound”
she said

I remained silent. that was an obvious lie.

“um Sakira I feel your pain and i’m sorry about my family. you are really a strong person and I envy you. I wish I had your spirit.”
she said.

“why? it’s not like you are suffering like we are”
I said

“i want a better family. a family that doesn’t ridicule people. I don’t like my family and each day they make me depressed”
she said.

I looked at her and gave a little smile.

“it’s good you are different”
I said.

“i chose to be”
she said “i want you to be patient, I know you’ll get out of this soon” she said

“how soon”
I asked

“very soon”
she said

“thank you”
I said

she smiled and left. I went back to the my work, cleaned the rest of the house except Mark’s room. After my work I went back to the slave residence and rested

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