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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 8
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Today was a day off for everyone and we all rested. At least we can have little time for ourselves and we are lucky to have this day because Mr Frank has a very important guest and doesn’t want to see us loitering around. so instead we are restricted to only our residence and we are not allowed to come out except we are called for. I used this opportunity to look really good. I packed my curly brown hair into a pony tail. My hair was very different from that of the whites. theirs was silky and long. mine was puffy and short. All the slaves came together and dressed their faces with a little make-up. we did not allow it to be too obvious because of Mrs Frank, she would kill us if she sees such on our faces. I was quite happy today. all of us made jokes and laughed really hard. I wished all the days could be like this but we all know that it is not possible, so we enjoy this why it last. soon we were cut short when the door opened and I was called for. My heart beat became fast and I left the residence to where Mr Frank had his guests. I met al the guest and I was shocked at the next person I saw. It was Dave, within me I felt a happiness I couldn’t explain. I smiled immediately, he noticed me and immediately I dropped my head and continued to serve the drinks. I was really happy to see him again.

Dave’s POV

I was really happy when my dad said he had a business transaction with Mr Frank. I was happy that I was going to see Kira again and not because of the transaction. we got there and my eyes searched everywhere but I didn’t see her yet. I was a little disappointed. we were welcomed by Mr and Mrs Frank. they took us to their garden where a tea table had been prepared for us. I was still on the search for Kira(Kira is the short form of Sakira ). soon later while they were all discussing, a lady came with a tray of drinks in her hand and I looked up to see Kira. she looked so beautiful in everyway. even if she was a slave she looked like a princess I was so happy to see her. she saw me and immediately she dropped her head. she served the drinks and turned to leave. I had to excuse myself. I waited episode 8

for a little while and got up.

“where are you off to?”
my father asked

“um…site seeing” I smiled and left. knowing fully well it was a lie.

I walked fast towards the side Kira followed, I saw her and ran to her. I caught up with her and held her hand. she turned to see me and I noticed a little smile on her face but it faded. we paused for a while and then she looked at my hand holding her hand and immediately I let it go. it felt a little weird and awkward. she started a discussion thankfully.

“why aren’t you with the other guests”
she asked

“I….it was boring sitting all day with those old men”
I laughed and she laughed along.

“you seem healthy”
I said scanning her with my eyes.

she wore a simple long blue gown, a little faded but fits her well.

“what…..did you expect to see me in rags”
she frowned a little.

“no…I mean….they at least allow you to have time for yourself”
I said

“i’m trying my best to take care of myself”
she smiled.

we began to walk and talk and it was fun. she laughed along the line because I said funny things. I noticed the others watching but I didn’t budge.

“so do they hurt you”
I asked

“well sometimes”
I said

“i really wish I could help you. but my father is just business faced with Mr Frank”
he said. “he’s an evil man” I added
“and so is his son”
she said.

I felt a punch when she mentioned about Mark. Mark is a terrible person, we do not get along pretty well and I’ve heard about all the things he did with the slave girls. I just hope he hadn’t touched Kira.

“did…..did he…..did he..”
I stammered and she smiled

“no he hasn’t and even if he wants to, I won’t let him” she said.

well that’s a relief. I was happy on hearing that.

soon, my father called me and we would be leaving shortly.

“so, I guess i’ll see you again”
I said
“yeah sure”
she smiled

“bye then”
I waved and left.

Sakira’s POV

As I returned to the residence, Mark stopped me.

“what were you doing with Dave”
he asked

what is his business, why can’t this guy leave me alone.

“we were just talking”
I said

“i don’t want to see you around him”
he said and I scoffed

“you don’t own me”
I said
he scoffed and said “my father bought you. and whatever belongs to my father belongs to me” he said coming closer to me. I moved back a little.

“none of you own me”
I retorted

“you have no business with Dave is that clear?”
he shouted “or telling my father would be better” he smiled knowing fully well he was sending a threat.

I lifted my face not to show my fear. then I remembered Stacy’s words that I should exercise patience with them.

“are we clear”
he asked

I said

he smiled and walked away.

I really hope to leave this place soon

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