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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Just like any other day again, we wake up by the sound of the alarm and face our various duties. I’ve spent almost a year in this place and I’m not looking forward to completing the remaining months I have in this place. my duty today was not too stressful so I had already finished before anyone else. I went to the gardens and I smiled at the thought of Dave. my heart beats raised at the thought of him and I couldn’t get the smile of my face.

“what are you thinking of?”
a voice said and I jolted.

I turned around to see Mary.

“oh it’s you”
I smiled.

“who are you thinking of”
she asked again.

“no one”
I lied

“eh, there’s no reason to deny it. it written all over your face”
she smiled. “i know it’s Dave” she added more like a whisper

“no it’s not” I said

“I know you like him. I saw you two yesterday. how you both walked together, oh it was so romantic”
she said
I smiled and remained silent

“see, I knew you like him and I think he also likes you”
she said

“hey, don’t go that far, he only sees me as a friend”
I said

“yeah, relationship don’t just start, it begins from ‘just a friend'”
she smiled
I hit her playfully and we both laughed together. we heard a cough from behind and we saw Stacy.

Mary stood up immediately and bowed her head. I stood up and looked at her but didn’t bow.

“leave us”
she said to Mary.

I looked at Mary and smiled, then she left.
“is there a problem” I asked her

“no, not at all. I just happen to hear all you chit chats” she smiled “so you do like Dave” she asked.

I wasn’t ready to trust anyone in this family. even if she was different I couldn’t take chances, she could be a bait.

“just as a friend”
I said

“it’s okay you can trust me”
she smiled a little.

I remained silent for a while.

“I think I do”
I smiled slightly

“seriously, that’s actually amazing”
she smiled.

I smiled.

“well I could hook you guys up”
she said

“no don’t” I told her

“why not”
she asked

I don’t want to get into trouble with your father”
I said.

“oh I forgot about that. I’m sorry”
she said

“no it’s okay” I said

“anyways, tell me how did you meet him”
she asked

I explained everything and we laughed together, she also told me she liked him once but not anymore. At least this day was better since Mr and Mrs Frank and their son are not around. the house was peaceful. everyone had freedom for a while.

Later at night, while everyone was asleep, I couldn’t sleep because I was happy and I kept on thinking about Dave. I did like Dave but I don’t think he has feelings for me. I spoke freely with Stacy and I am happy it was okay. I really wish all days were like this. later I dosed off and slept comfortably.

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