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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 24
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Dave’s POV

It was already dark. Mr Frank and his men camped at the other end of the forest.
I wasn’t feeling good at all but I have to keep myself up in order for everyone of us to survive. A brilliant plan came to my head when I realized I still had the knife Stacy gave me. I never thought it would come in handy. The problem was how I was going to reach it.

Charlie called. “If I don’t make it, just make sure you keep going east till you see some villages. From there, they would give you directions to the next town” he said.

I know he was feeling really bad about his family and he has already given up.

“No don’t say that. We are all going to make it”
I said.

“What I’m I supposed to do now when my family’s gone”
he cried.

I sighed and continued trying to get my knife. I wasn’t ready to give up. I tried to reach it and finally I got it and cut my rope. Kira widened her eyes when she saw I was free. I went to her tree to cut her loose.

“You’ll be fine”
I said as I cut the rope.

I went to Charlie’s and cut it also and then we were on the run once again.

“They’ve escaped”
I heard a voice shout.

We increased our speed and ran faster and just then I heard a gunshot and it passed through someone. I widened my eyes in horror as I saw Charlie falling slowly to the ground.

“Charlie no!!!!”
I shouted as I ran to support him.

I held him close to me, his body had become cold. Then he smiled and gave his last breath.

I cried and so did Kira.

I stood up in anger, held my gun and went to the direction the men were coming from.

“No Dave. What are you doing”
Kira said as she held my arm stopping me.

“Kira we can’t keep on running forever. It is kill or be killed.”
I took her to a small cave. “Stay here and wait for me……..I’ll be back…..I promise” I said.

As I was about to leave she held my hand and not wanting to let go. I saw tears in her eyes and i turned to her and hugged her. Then I left immediately to face those men.

Sakira’s POV

I was scared and I was not ready to loose Dave just like we lost Charlie. I was hearing gun shots and they scared me. I feared the fact that Dave may not be able to finish them all. I wish I was there to help. Suddenly the gun shots stopped and there we’re no more noises.

I came out of the cave and turned to the direction where Dave went and just then I heard a click sound from behind me. I paused in my steps and turned around to see Mr Frank and I widened my eyes in fear. My heart was beating rapidly. He had already unlocked one bullet and any slight moves from his fingers will sent me to my early grave. Then in swift movement he had my neck locked around his arm and aimed the gun at a different direction.

“Drop the gun”
he said to Dave.

I felt relieved when I saw Dave he made it but he looked really injured. He widened his eyes when he saw me wrapped around Mr Frank and slowly he set the gun to the floor.

I had to think of something. Suddenly I bit his arm and he groaned in pain releasing me from his grip. Then he pointed the gun to shoot me but Dave jumped on him making him shoot the bullet somewhere else.

Dave’s POV

Mr Frank was quite strong. He hit me with the gun causing me to get off him and groan in pain. He triggered another bullet but before he could shoot, I got up and kicked the gun off his hand and then pointed my gun at him and he froze.

“It’s over now”
I said.

“I guess it is”
he smiled and in swift movement he brought out another gun and shot me.

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