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Zee World Movie: Saloni - Season 2 Episode 125
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Saloni Season 2, Episode 126 Recap.

Uncle Veer gets upset at seeing Kaki. He tells her to get out and raises his hand in anger. Brajesh stops him and Uvarshi tries to calm him down. She takes him upstairs to their room.Uvarshi, playing the role of wife perfectly.

Kaki doesn't know who Uvarshi is and she enquires from the rest of the family. They tell her she is their Uncle's new wife.
Uvarshi tells veer to think of his health and then pretends to cry. He tells her he can't bear to see her cry and anything she wants, he will do to make her happy. She says all she wants is his health. She wants to know who Kaki is.. He says she was his first wife

Vrinda comes into the room to offer them coffee. Uvarshi tells her she doesn't have manners and doesn't know she should knock before entering a room. Vrinda runs off in tears.
Kaki wants to know who Uvarshi really is. Tara says she's her elder sister.

Uvarshi comes to ask for a photo of Aditi so she can pay homage. She goes to the photo of Aditi but Tara stops her and asks for her child. Uvarshi says she doesn't know nothing about a child.
Tara says she will refresh her memory by telling their uncle everything. Uvarshi tells her to go ahead but bring their uncle's coffin along because if he gets upset, he can die.

Kaki confronts her but Uvarshi tells her to keep quiet as she is an ex-wife and is only living in the house because she allows it.
She tells them all that anyone who wants to see Veer will have to go through her as the nurse and wife

Saloni is throwing a tantrum at the hospital. Says she wants to go home.
Nirav comes to the hospital and Nishi tells him she is disturbed because she doesn't know how to handle Saloni. They can't give her any more sedatives because of the baby. Nirav says he wants to help. She says he's the only one she listens to and as soon as he leaves, she starts to cut up.

Kaki is packing her things. Nahar and Brajesh tell her not to go. Nahar says they should tell their uncle the truth about Uvarshi. Brajesh agrees.
Saloni is still throwing a tantrum . Nirav walks in with a flute. She asks for it and he tells her to promise not to trouble anyone. She agrees and he gives it to her.

Veer comes downstairs at Brajesh's request. As Brajesh starts to tell him about Uvarshi, she comes downstairs and says she has something to show the family. Veer agrees and she gives Nahar a CD to play. The video comes on and it shows the child she had for Brajesh. Everyone is shocked. Veer tells them the child is from Uvarshi's first marriage. Uvarshi says she knows a parent will do anything for their child. This is a silent threat. She says Brajesh should continue with what he wanted to say. Brajesh quickly changes his tune and says he wanted Veer to forgive Kaki and allow her stay in the house.Veer refuses. Uvarshi begs him and he eventually backs down.

Uvarshi says she can stay but she should never come near Veer.I have to give it to Uvarshi. She is good at what she does. Grade A b****h!
Tara is in the room crying to Brajesh about the child. Uvarshi comes in and tells Tara to relax. She says as long as they obey her, the child will be fine. Tara starts to beg her not to harm the baby and she would do anything she says.

Uvarshi tells her to forget they are sisters. She looks and sees Veer at the doorway and quickly changes her tone to a nice one and changes the subject. Veer is happy she seems to be getting along with his family.

Saloni is asking Nirav when she will be going home. He says when she takes her medicine and gets better. She says she wants him to stay with her because she is not happy when he goes. He promises her he will always be with her. He asks her if she remembers anyone part from her mother and father. She says Shubhra, Samar and Nirav. He says "what about Nahar, Brajesh and Babho?". She doesn't show any sign of recognition. He asks about the day of the marriage. Nishi who is entering the room wants to know what marriage he is talking about. He makes up an excuse.

Uvarshi goes to meet Kaki. She tells her she is allowed to live in the house based on her recommendation. Kaki tells her not to play any tricks with her. Uvarshi tells her that if she says anything she doesn't like, she will send her out of the house.Who will eventually win out of these two? My money is on Uvarshi.

The nurse leaves her tray of medicine and injection on Saloni's bed and Saloni plays with it when she's not watching. The nurse gets upset and says she will tell the doctors Saloni is mad and they will send her to the asylum. Saloni looks worried.

Veer says he bought gifts for everyone. Uvarshi brings out a purple shirt for Brajesh. She takes off the necklace she's wearing and gives Tara, saying anyime she looks in the mirror she will remember her. She gives Nahar a photo frame with a picture of him and Saloni. She says she wants to meet Saloni. She gave Dheer a gift and one for Ishan.

There is one more gift. Veer says he has a friend out of town he wants to give it to. Uvarshi tells him he can't travel so he says Brajesh or Nahar will go. She says Brajesh will make Tara lonely if he goes so he should send Nahar. Nahar doesn't look happy about this.What plans do you have for Nahar Uvarshi?,

Saloni is remembering the threat from the nurse. She gets up from her bed and leaves the room. She sees the nurse talking to another nurse about her and she runs away.

Nishi gets a call from the nurse saying Saloni is not in her room. She calls Nirav.
They rush to the hospital.
Nirav is shouting at the nurse. Nishi tells him to calm down.

Saloni is sitting on a bench by the roadside. Four men approach her. One grabs her hand and she bites him off. As she is trying to run away they chase and surround her.

Nahar's is driving along that same road. He stops his car in the middle of the road and approaches the men who are blocking Saloni from his view. He starts to fight them off one after the other. Saloni takes the chance to run off.

The men are overpowered and they dash off. As Nahar is about to turn back towards his car. He sees Saloni's anklet on the floor. He picks it up and starts to remember when he gave it to her.Very frustrating scene.

Nishi is consoling Nirav at the hospital She gets called in to see a patient and she tells him to go home. Nirav doesn't say a word. He is clearly upset.

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