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Zee World Move: Saloni Season 2, Episode 127 Recap.
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Saloni Season 2, Episode 127 Recap.

Nahar drives to the hospital to get the cut he sustained from the fight with the men, treated. It
happens to be the same hospital Saloni was in.
Nirav is behind him as he talks to the receptionist but they don’t see each other.I hate it when they do this. Make us feel like something is about to happen...then nothing!

Nishi is the doctor treating him.

He tells her he sustained the cut by helping a stranger. She says they usually report to the police but she will help him since he says he was trying to rescue a girl.

He thanks her after the treatment.
Saloni is asleep on the floor,in front of a shop. The shop owner wakes her up and drives her away, calling her a beggar.

He opens his shop and she sees a lot of goodies. She tells him she is very hungry and wants one of his treats. He pushes her away.

The family is at breakfast. Vrinda brings Veer his favourite snack and he is very excited. As he lifts one to his mouth, Uvarshi comes and takes it from him reminding him about his doctors’ orders.

She tells the entire family that the oily food is also bad for them. She tells Vrinda not to serve oily and spicy food next time.

Aunt Kaki stands in a corner watching
Vrinda goes to her to ask what she is thinking. She says there was a time Veer’s day wouldn't start without her but now he doesn’t even want to see her.Yes kaki, there's a new sheriff in town.
Nirav is thinking about Saloni. Nishi calls him to ask why he didn't come for breakfast. He gives an excuse and she says he is still worried about Saloni. He doesn’t deny it. He says he doesn't know what to do. She tells him not to worry as the police is searching for her.

All this while, he is sitting on a bench in a park. Saloni is at the same park but hidden from his view

Vrinda takes snacks to Veer. She tells him Urvashi has gone out. He is happy and starts to eat. Urvashi suddenly appears.

She talks calmly and tells Vrinda to come with her. As they get down the stairs, she pushes and slaps her. The family gathers to see what is going on. She threatens Vrinda and says she can go back to the village.

Tara and Babho come to Vrinda’s defense and she shuts them down. She says they are taking up for a servant. Dheer says Vrinda is a guest and not a servant. Urvashi faces him and tells him he has a reputation of sleeping with servants so she doesn’t expect anything different from him. She tells everyone she will be the one to rule the family henceforth.

After Urvashi leaves, Dheer goes to apologise to Vrinda. She tells him not to apologise, that Urvashi just wants everyone to fear her.
Babho tells her Brajesh’s uncle has a house somewhere else and they want her to go and stay there in peace. Vrinda is surprised and hurt. She says she can't leave her house and family because there is a problem.

Nahar gets to the house Uncle Veer sent him to and knocks on the door. To his surprise, Nishi answers. He tells her the name of his Uncle’s friend and she tells him the person is her father (in-law).

They go in and he meets the parents.
They exchange pleasantries after Nahar introduced himself. He hands over the gift and tells them he will be on his way. They tell him he has to eat something before he leaves.
Nahar eats with the family. Nishi tells her parents she met him at the hospital before.

Her father tells him about Saloni's accident but Nahar doesn't know she is the person they are talking about. He starts to think about Saloni.
Saloni is walking about looking for food. She gets to a street vendor selling snacks. She calls him “uncle” and asks him for food. The man says she looks decent and should be ashamed of begging. He drives her away. As she is leaving, he sees her remaining anklet and calls her back.
He tells her he will give her food in exchange for the anklet. She asks if she will get it back when she brings him the money for the snack?. He says he will give it to her.

As she is eating, a little beggar comes to meet her and they become friends. She gives him one Samosa and as he takes it from her, someone bumps into her and it falls to the ground. He picks it up but she takes it from him and throws it away. She says she's still hungry and he says he knows a temple where they can get food.

Nahar is about to leave but his hosts tell him there is a popular temple in the city he has to visit.

He gets to the temple and comes down from the car. Saloni is just in his line of sight but he doesn’t see her. He comes face to face with Nirav. Nirav tries to tell him about Saloni again but like before, Nahar tells him he is not interested. He says he doesn’t want to hear about Saloni.Frustrating!

Kaveri is at home complaining about the boring life she is living. She calls Dheer, her gossip partner, on the phone. She wants to know if they found the woman who was with Aditi in the car. He tells her about Uvarshi . She is of course happy to know there is fresh drama in the house.
Kaveri, I would like to see you try anything with Urvashi. She will eat you up!

Brajesh is discussing business with Veer. Uvarshi comes in. There is immediate tension. Uvarshi asks if there any problem. Veer asks Brajesh if there's any issue. Brajesh says the house is just gloomy because Aditi died. They start to discuss the the plans for building a factory. Uvarshi cuts in. She says if they want to build a factory, they shouldn't build on the land they are already using, they should use another one. Brajesh says it will cost them a lot if they cancel the project and they will tarnish their reputation as a company. Veer says it is his final decision. He is cancelling the project and will suffer the consequences. He wants to make Urvashi happy.Uvarshi meant every word when she said she will destroy the family.

Kaveri goes to meet her parents-in-law. She says they shouldn't just forget Saloni's in-laws. Ambika says it is true; she will go and visit them today.
Saloni's new friend, Ragu, takes her to the lady who takes care of the beggars. The lady tells Saloni to go and beg. Saloni says she can't beg.
The lady says there’s no problem, she will take care of her. She tells Ragu to go out and beg.
Nishi is having lunch with Nirav. She tells him to have his coffee and stop thinking but Nirav is looking deeply worried. She tells him she feels like he is no longer happy with their relationship.Finally, you're seeing the signs.

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