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Zee World Movie: Saloni Season 2, Episode 129 Recap.
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Zee World Movie: Saloni Season 2, Episode 129 Recap.

Nishi enters Nirav's house and Saloni runs to hide in the wardrobe.
Nishi starts to clean up the apartment. Saloni is watching her from the wardrobe.

She picks up a magazine from the table and the anklets Nirav had given Saloni, fall out.
Nirav's shirt falls out of the wardrobe and Nishi goes to pick it up. She tries to open the wardrobe so she can place the shirt back but Saloni holds it tight from inside.

Nishi is still struggling with the door of the wardrobe when Nirav comes back home.
He is surprised to see her and immediately clues in on the fact that Saloni could be hiding in the wardrobe so he tries to distract Nishi and get her out of the house.

Nishi tries to get him to talk but he is really in a hurry for them to leave. He offers to take her out to dinner or to get ice-cream. She says she doesn’t want to go out but when he continues to insist, she agrees.

As they are leaving, she sees the anklets again and asks him about them. He lies they are for her.
Nishi is happy and Saloni is watching.
When they leave, Saloni comes out crying that he has given way her anklet.

Nirav is worried about Saloni and tries to rush their date. He makes up an excuse about leaving the stove on so he needs to get back home. Nishi is confused, she knows there’s something up but they leave anyway.

He gets back home and sees Saloni throwing a tantrum. She throws something at his head and he starts bleeding. He tells her he gave out her anklets so the doctor wouldn't see her and take her back to the hospital. Saloni apologises.

He makes her clean up the mess she made before going to bed.

Urvashi sees Dheer looking at Aditi's photograph on the living room wall. She asks him how long he will continue to mourn, as the house is depressing and spoiling her mood. She goes to remove the photo but Babho appears and grabs her hand.

Urvashi turns to Tara and tells her it seems Babho doesn't care for her child.
She proceeds to make a phone call, she tells the person on the other end to put the child on the phone.

Tara begins to panic.
Urvashi turns to Tara and says the boy is playing by the stairs and can easily fall off.
Tara pleads with her so she calls the person back and tells them to put the baby back in his room.
After she hangs up, she warns them all about standing up to her, then she goes upstairs.

Dheer goes to his room to start packing his things. Babho and Brajesh beg him to stay
Nirav comes to Nishi's house and her parents tell him the police want to speak to him. The policeman is in the living room and Ragu is with him.

Ragu tells the story of how Saloni was taken away. He doesn’t recognise Nirav as the man who took Saloni away but as the man who gave him money at the temple.

Nirav is greatly panicked but Ragu was not able to remember enough to implicate him.
Nirav gets a call from his neighbour telling him there's smoke coming out of his house.
He rushes home.

When he gets to his house, he meets his neighbours gathered outside his door.
The neighbour who had called him on the phone wants to go inside the house with him. Nirav tries to tell him not to bother but he wouldn't listen, in the end Nirav had to push him away from the door.

He gets into the house and sees a piece of cloth burning on the floor. There are pots on the stove and smoke everywhere. He puts out the fire.
Saloni is standing in the kitchen. She says she tried to cook for him and she wanted to put out the fire with the cloth.

Nirav scolds her about putting on the stove and she begins to cry. In the end he apologises to her.
Vrinda and Dheer are tending to the plants in the garden. Urvashi calls Vrinda. She tells her to stay away from Dheer otherwise she will regret it. She sends her away to get coffee. Dheer looks at Urvashi and Urvashi starts to taunt him by asking him questions. He tells her he doesn't want to answer her stupid question. She starts to threaten him. He talks back to her and walks off.

Ishan goes to meet Tara and Brajesh. He tells them Urvashi is throwing way his mother's things. They go to meet Urvashi and she tells them the atmosphere in the house is gloomy and they need to get rid of the things.

Veer comes in and Ishan tells him what Urvashi is trying to do. She changes her tone and tells him she wants to donate the things to the poor so they can pray for Aditi.

Veer agrees with her. Dheer tries to cut in but Veer tells him it is time to forget the past and face the future.

Nirav;s phone is ringing. He answers it and it is Nishi's mother-in-law. She complains about not seeing him often and invites him to come and eat. He agrees to come.

Saloni tells him she doesn't want him to go and leave her all by herself. He tells her it is important and he has to go. He tells her to lock herself inside and not to open the door for anyone but him. She hides his phone.

As he gets to the door he steps back inside and reiterates the instructions. That neighbour is watching him.

When he gets outside, the neighbour asks him who he was talking to. Nirav says there's no one in his house.

The neighbour doesn't buy it. As soon as Nirav leaves, he goes to the window and sees Saloni.
Saloni tells him to give her her ball. She calls him” Uncle” and he is shocked. He says she's a big girl and shouldn't call him uncle.

He asks her where she came from and she says from the hospital. She tells him the entire story. He tells her to open the door if she wants her ball.

She remembers Nirav’s instructions and tells him she is not allowed to open the door.
He is able to tempt her by promising to teach her how to play crickets and she agrees to open the door.

Nirav discovers his phone is missing along the way, so he makes his way back home.
Saloni opens the door for the neighbour. As soon as he gets in, he starts to sound like a pervert. He grabs her hand and she strats to struggle to get away from him.

Nirav knocks on the door and both of them start to panic. The neighbour tells Saloni not to tell Nirav about him because he will be very angry. He jumps out of the window.

Saloni opens the door for Nirav and gives him his phone. Nirav wants to know why she gave the phone so easily. Saloni doesn't say a word. Nirav probes further and she tells him about the neighbour. He tells her never to let anyone in because they will take her back to the hospital.
He is very angry.

Veer and Urvashi are in the garden having tea. Kaveri comes to meet them. Veer asks Kaveri how she knows Urvashi. Kaveri says Urvashi looks like Tara's older sister. Urvashi tells Veer to go inside so she can come and perform some of his tests. He goes in.

She turns to Kaveri and tells her she is indeed Tara's older sister but Kaveri cannot match her if they go head to head. Kaveri says she comes in the name of friendship. She extends her hand to Urvashi for a handshake but Urvashi pushes the hand away and says friendship is between people of the same class and in this case, Kaveri is beneath her.

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