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Zee World Movie: Saloni Season 2, Episode 130 Recap.
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Saloni Season 2, Episode 130 Recap.

Nirav is with Nishi at her place. Her mother in-law tells her husband she wants him to go with her to the market.

The husband says he doesn’t want to go with her.
She insists they leave Nirav and Nishi to talk. He agrees and they go.Men never take hints. You have to spell it out to them.

Nirav asks Nishi how she would have treated Saloni if she was still in the hospital. He is trying to get information from her to help Saloni with.
Nishi tells him they would try and take her to familiar settings and make her smell and eat familiar food if only they knew anything about her past.

Nirav notes all she says and begins to remember to remember how he met Saloni as a child. They were on the playground and some kids started teasing her by calling her ‘black girl’. He defended her against them and they became friends.God bless your soul Nirav, in the end though, Saloni is another man's wife.

Kaveri smeets up with Kaki in town and teases her about Urvashi being married to her husband. Kaki tells her she is just bidding her time and would take care of the issue.

Kaveri tells Kaki she has a plan that can bring Urvashi down. She begins to talk to Kaki about her plans.When enemies share a common enemy, they become friends.

Nirav takes Saloni to the playground and makes the kids start singing and teasing her about being a black girl. He goes and tells them to stop. Saloni rushes up to him and calls him” Neel”. He is Happy she remembers his name. When they are about to leave, she reverts back to calling him “Nirav”. He reminds her of the past but she still calls him “Nirav” and doesn't seem to remember the past.

Kaki calls Kaveri on the phone and tells her she has told the members of the house to go to the temple. Kaveri says no problem, they will put their plan into action and Urvashi will soon get the shock of her life.

Urvashi hears the doorbell ring and goes down to answer it.
She opens the door and sees her mother. She is shocked.

She starts to remember how her mum condemned her in the past. They stand staring at themselves.
Veer calls for Urvashi and she tells him she is coming.

She goes back to her mum and tells her to come in. The mother wants to know where Tara’s baby is. Urvashi says the baby is hers and he is well.

Her mother starts to insult her. Urvashi says she is the way she is because of her mother. Her mother gave all her love and attention to Tara, her foster sister, and treated her better so she (Urvashi) grew up with hatred in her heart.

The mum says she treated them the same and Urvashi has always been jealous of Tara.
Kaki comes in and tells Urvashi’s mum that Urvashi married her husband, Veer and has not told him she is Tara's sister or the woman who made away with the heir of the family.

Her mother says she will go and tell Veer the truth. Urvashi says she shouldn't forget she has the child.
The mother says she doesn't care; she starts to make her way upstairs.

Urvashi picks up a knife and says she will kill herself if her mother says anything to Veer.
Her mother goes to her and gives her a slap. She tells her she is not her daughter and can go ahead and kill herself.

The mother continues to climb up the stairs.
Tara and Brajesh return from the temple. Urvashi rushes to Tara and tells her to stop their mother from telling Veer the truth.
Tara catches up with her mother and tells her to please think of the baby.

The mum finally backs down.The plan failed. Oh dear!
Nirav comes home carrying a musical instrument. He sees Saloni sleeping on the couch. He starts to play the instrument and she begins to remember when they were kids and he played the instrument for her.. She is smiling in her sleep as she dreams about her wedding to Nahar. She opens her eyes , she remembers the wedding but she can't see any of the faces.

She tells him to stop disturbing her with the instrument. Nirav is confused that his plan didn’t work.
Veer and Urvashi come back home and as they enter the living room, kaki leaves.

Veer goes to say hello to Urvashi’s mum. Veer introduces her to Urvashi as Tara’s mother. Urvashi pretends not to know her but greets her well.
She later says she needs Veer to go and rest. They go upstairs.

Nirav wants to know what Saloni wants to eat. She tells him she wants to eat the food cooked by her mother. He wants to know the type of food her mother used to make for her. She tells him corn flower bread and he says he will make it.
He tells her he is going to the market to get the ingredients.

As he is leaving, the nosy neighbour sees him and jumps into the house through the window.
Saloni tells him to leave but he says he wants to play with her. She tells him she doesn't want to but he puts a tape over her mouth whilst holding her hand.

He takes her to a place like a basement and starts to force her to lie down. She fights him off and manages to run out. He chases her down the road.

Nirav gets home and starts looking for her. He searches everywhere then goes unto the road asking people.
Saloni runs tilll she finds herself in Nirav’s arms.

Nirav sees the neighbour running after her and engages him in a fight. Nirav is able to overpower him. People gather and separate them.

Nirav holds the neighbour and says he is taking him to the hospital.Will the police station be a good idea? Considering, Saloni is declared missing.
At the station, the neighbour is arrested and jailed. Nirav thanks the inspector and as he is about to leave with Saloni, the policeman who had come to the house to talk to him yesterday, comes in. Nirav sees him and immediately turns his face away.

The policeman approaches Nirav but he gets a phone call and Nirav ceases the opportunity to escape.Close shave.

Kaveri and Kaki meet up to discuss what else they can do to defeat and expose Urvashi.
The family is having dinner. Urvashi calls her mum “mother” by accident. When she caught Veer’s look, she says she wants to call her “mother” since she is like a mother to her.
Kaki goes into Uvarshi and Veer’s bedroom when they are not home. She spreads pictures of Uvarshi and Brajesh from the past, all over the bed.

Uvarshi and Veer come back home.Veer sits on the bed and sees the pictures. He picks one up and Urvashi almost has a heart attack. Veer asks her for his glasses and she heaves a sigh of relief.
She pretends she can't find the glasses and tells him to go and freshen up.

When he leaves, she picks up the photos and takes them downstairs. The family is gathered in the living room. Urvashi comes in and throws the pictures on them.

She goes to Kaki and confronts her.

Brajesh and Tara blame Kaki for what she did knowing their child could be in danger and their uncle could have a heart attack.

Kaki says she is fed up with Urvashi’s behaviour. She watches Urvashi everyday with her husband and she can't take it anymore.
Urvashi begins to threaten her but Nahar, who has been quiet this whole time, yells at Urvashi not to take their quietness for weakness. Hmm,I hope Nahar is not all talk. Something needs to be done about Urvashi.

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