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Save Me - Season 1 - Episode 15
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My child don’t lose sight of common sense and discernment,
Hang to them,
For they will refresh your soul
They are like jewels on a necklace
They keep you safe on your way
And your feet will not stumble….
-Proverbs 3:21-23
“What kind of life is this?”
the staggering Tola said to herself. She couldn’t walk anymore so she decided to sit on the pavement in front of uncovered pavilion… Her life was a mess already.

Five years ago, she had been called home during her final junior WAEC examination that her mum was terribly sick and she needed to see her, she didn’t go home immediately because of her examination…

Two days later, she got home to meet everyone in black cloth. She didn’t understand what the situation was.

“Broda mi, where is mummy?”
the confused girl asked her brother who only raised his head to stare at her and looked the other way…

“He has been like this ever since the incident”
his ex-girlfriend answered Tola, who still couldn’t understand the situation and by the way, the presence of her brother’s naughty ex-girlfriend infuriated her the more, though unlike her usual character she seemed calm…

“What incident, and why are you not answering? Why is everyone ignoring me? Where is my dad”
she asked in succession as she moved closer to her brother’s bed where he was seated with his back resting on the pillow…

“He is on his way from Canada. He had a business meeting, so he should be back in Nigeria tonight. By the way why don’t you go to your room, change your clothes, and let the maid fix your lunch.”
her brother said, avoiding the first question ….

“So am now a baby ehn!.. If you can’t tell me what is happening I will go and ask aunty bola.” Tola said more like a threat than a reply. Bola the maid in the house was popularly known for her ability to gossip.

“Don’t you get it…? Mum is dead!!!”
Busayo screamed at his sister, annoyed at her insensitiveness to her environment. Everyone in the house not only wore a black cloth, they also wore a gloomy face.

“Which of the mummies, mine or yours”
Tola said sarcastically with tears already gathering in her eyes. She took after her dad. She never took things serious unless she had seen a live evidence and by the way, she was not expecting her mum to be dead, so she absolutely wasn’t insensitive…

“No…no she can’t be dead, she was only sick…no!!! Not my mum!!!”
she screamed on top of her voice followed by several jumping and rolling on the floor, if not for the timely intervention of her brother and his ex, she would have injured herself..

Life was not fair to her at all. She lost her favourite sister when just nine years old, her brother’s twin, she had gone to the market to buy her birthday gift and she took a bike to avoid the heavy traffic only to end her life in a ghastly motor accident. Her brother could not take it, though it brought the seemingly separated family together, but her father was surely still mourning her. He spent more days traveling than staying at home which was his own way of dealing with the death of his favourite daughter.

Who would not love Busola? Her jokes and effort to make you smile at all cost was something to remember always.

Busayo and his mother had become very close pals while Tola was sent to boarding school.
Now, her mother was gone, how would she cope? “I need my mother, God why are you this wicked?” She was the only female I could talk to, now she is gone…” Tola said to herself. Her brother has become a shadow of himself he hardly talked to anyone, if he was not going for lectures then he was in his room always. The house was so silent, except during the night when her dad who now stayed frequently at home was watching the television in the living room..

Tola barely made it through ss3, as she kept and made friends in school who influenced her life negatively. She was introduced to sneaking out of school for parties. She was the daughter of a rich man which made her susceptible to a lot of caucus and cliche wanting her presence in their midst… Though she was not really the “bad girl” but she loved to dance and drink alcohol, that was for her to forget her pains…

She changed briefly when her waec results showed how bad her life really was, she had to enroll again, with her dad threatening not to sponsor her education if she failed again…

She wrote her jamb and waec and passed excellently giving the opportunity to get admission to the school of her choice Obafemi Awolowo University to study the course of her choice, Architecture. She just loved the course so much maybe because that was the course her big sister was studying before she died.

Shortly after her admission, her then hostel mates in Moremi, reintroduced her to party life again, she spent most of her weekends at new Buka. A times, she went to town to visit her boyfriend who was in his final year, Yomi.

Yomi was a farmer’s son who lived a fake life in school.

Tola had met him during her departmental fresher’s party, they hooked up and started dating… After many advances from him to take her to bed, which she refused he resulted to the use of force. He had taken her to a party made sure she was drunk, took her to an hotel room, and almost slept with her, if not for his friends who asked him to film her naked and blackmail her with the video…

As if that was not enough, he asked her for one hundred thousand naira, and her willing to sleep with him in exchange for the video, she was confused as to what to do. Lost in thought, she walked all the way from the gate till she got to Mainbowl. She was tired and she couldn’t walk anymore so she sat down in front of uncovered pavilion, tired of her life and the mess she had gotten herself into.

“Hello dear, errhmm do you mind some company?”
Jadesola said to the weeping girl, who turned around to see the intruder.

“Am sorry, I just want to be alone”
Tola said, she was not ready for any sermon right now…

“I know you want to be alone, am just not comfortable seeing a beautiful girl like you sit here alone crying… Moreover a problem shared is half solved…I just feel I could help”
Jadesola said taking her seat. She definitely won’t take a no for an answer, though she was late for her leader’s prayer meeting…

“Am not sure, you can solve mine.. Its way bigger than your league, miss…”
Tola who was surprised at the stranger’s persistence said still trying to push her away.

“You never can tell, if I can’t solve it, I might know someone who can ”
Jadesola said convincingly, which made Tola to reason deep and she decided to relate her situation to her…
Like an expert, Jadesola listened all through, counselled her and promised to help her through the situation, which she did. The matter was taken to the school authority who handled it well and also expelled Yomi when they found out he had been involved in such an act for a long time…

“Erhm sister Jadesola, please oh, I want to ask for something ohh,”
Tola said as she lied on the bed in Jadesola’s room during her usual visit.

“What is it sweetie?”
Jadesola answered from the kitchen, she was preparing an awesome meal for both of them.

“I don’t know how possible this might be…But can you do it for me?”
she said sitting up and looking at Jadesola who was already standing in front of her cleaning her hands with an handkerchief..

“Nothing is impossible for God”
Jade said smiling.

“I want you to be my school mother and possibly my motherly figure for life”
Tola said, standing up to hug Jadesola.

“Yes dear, I will gladly do that for you” Jadesola replied patting her back.
“You were always like my mum and my twin”
Busayo said to Jadesola who was feeding him a plate of rice Tola had cooked…

“You are not serious. I don’t think I can ever replace them in your life”
Jadesola said smiling, she actually was blushing as she remembered the day Tola asked her to be her school mother. She felt so special. Here she was with a guy she was trying hard to love who was also Tola’s brother saying her motherly skills were awesome…

“Hello!! That is not the way to my mouth”
Busayo said aloud, she has retreated to her thoughts again, he wondered how she did that so quickly.

“Am sorry, errhmm. I was not thinking, erhnm I was thinking that we give it a chance again…Maybe this time lets pick it up from friendship…Just friendship I might end up falling in love with you…”
Jadesola said confusingly, that was not what was on her mind, but she said that to make up for her absentmindedness,

“Jadesola!!! We are friends okay? And I don’t think I want to go down that road with you again.. Okay.. Why don’t you tell me exactly what is wrong, a problem shared is halved solved” Busayo said using her own usual words against her, knowing fully well she would not talk about it. She was the type of person who faced her problems alone, yet she took other people’s burden on herself…

“Dearie…talk to me, am a listener too”
Busayo reiterated to the head bent lady sitting in front of him…

Jadesola took a deep sigh and narrated the entire episode to him, while Tola who had been watching the duo, though she didn’t hear their conversation because of the earpiece she had on her ears smiled to herself…How she wished they were really in love…

She saw the way they giggled and laughed and remembered her mother and her big sister, that was the same effect they had on her brother. Her eyes were teary, so she quickly stood up and went outside to clean her tears and as she ran outside she collided with someone…As she picked up her phone she heard a familiar voice…How would she forget that voice…? She looked up to see his face…

“You!!! What are you doing here?”
She asked as he stared at her dumbfoundedly…

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