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Save Me - Season 1 - Episode 19
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“I could remember vividly the words of king Solomon in his famous Songs of Solomon chapter 8 verse 7 saying…, Many waters can not quench love. Well love in it self is the person of God.”
Joseph said as he held his wine glass. He was making the best man toast at the reception of the marriage ceremony of James and Funmilayo…. What a journey they had gone through during the past two months; having to postpone the wedding due to the death of James’ father, James’ fight and reconciliation with Joseph which led to John being substituted as the best man. Anyway he willingly gave the position to the one man who should have been there all along…

“All things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to his purpose…I can say today, that at standing here clad in this white suit as the best man to my best friend is a dream come through, and as funny as it may sound, this dude here is getting married to his childhood crush, who had a crush on me instead.”
he said grinning and winking at James, as the audience laughed heartily…

“Anyway to save us from my so sermonised and might be long speech, I want us to raise our glasses filled with wine, as we toast to this lovely couples…to a successful and fruitful marriage.”
he held out his glasses as soon as he finished saying that and soon the atmosphere was filled with sounds of glass cups hitting each other. The couple moved to the centre of the stage to dance, while Joseph quickly walked up to Jadesola, who was the bridesmaid. He asked her a for dance as the couple rocked their body to music played by the D.J… On another side of the stage John and Eunice were dancing religiously…

“Hello Pastor Joseph.” Tola called out to him. He had gone out to pick something in the car, and as he walked through the hall, Tola noticed him…

“Hello dear…”
he quickly said, offering her a hug which she took gracefully. He had visited her when James had told him after his encounter with her, that they were back to being mentor and mentee. She insisted she wanted to be under his tutelage, despite Joseph’s plea…

“Meet my elder brother, Busayo. The one aunty Jade was talking about that day.”
she said introducing him to her brother.

The guy shook him and drew him closer whispering something into his ears. Joseph’s laughter made Tola giggle as she guessed what her brother would have said to him… Busayo after his discharge from the hospital had been different, he was more playful and he had more time for his kid sister. Also, he was seeing one of Jadesola’s old university friend- Janet, whom she was fond of calling “four eyes” Jadesola did the matchmaking and the two had hit it off like they were a match made from heaven.

Another section featured Mr and Mrs Adejola, Joseph’s parents… The man was eating the fried and jollof rice with speed because his wife had threatened to take his meat if she was done with her food before him. What a duo. Love at old age… Well Joseph had given them a big shock when he got home and prostrated to apologise to his father.

They had both wept and in the later weeks they became pals calling each other, with Joseph visiting home whenever he was free…

Just then, the master of the ceremony came up to the stage and made an announcement that it was time for the three musketeers to have their presentation.. In a jiffy Joseph, James and John were transformed as they dressed like the ancient musketeers, Arthos,Porthos and Aramis… They did a little parade and then they went towards the direction of their spouses, picked them up like they were motioning for a dance… The beat changed and… just then… James and John took a toy gun that was carved with a stick and shot at Joseph who fell down… Everyone was perplexed they didn’t understand what was happening.

The bridesmaid Jadesola ran over to where he was lying on the floor. While his two friends were acting according to the script by feigning their unconcern… Jadesola, oblivious of what the other guys were doing decided to act along by playing the lover girl who went to rescue her lover… Just as she got to him and held him in his arms…, she heard one sentence on the speaker that shocked her to the bones…

“Will you marry me Jadesola?”
Joseph said as he turned his face to her.

He was holding a microphone… And in a twinkle of an eye. He was on his knees with a box containing a ring in his hand, while Jadesola stood there shocked, she had not expected it. She only wanted to play along with the script but what she was seeing was no longer a drama. Joseph was proposing to her. She closed her eyes as the crowd cheered her up shouting “say yes”…

And then in one breathe, she said “I love you Joseph, and YES I want to marry you!”


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