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Secondary - Season 2 - Episode 12
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Me:” Hy, you were thinking of something.” I said while he looked at me with suspicious eyes.

” No, I wasn’t thinking,and why are you even here?” He asked pretending to be tough, I simply smiled.

Me:”Is this really who you are?” I suddenly asked him while he turned to me.

”How do you mean?” He asked, his eyes were now becoming red.

”Do you enjoy it implicating people?” I asked him again and finally the tears fell off his eyes.

Me:”You can talk to me bro ” I said touching his shoulders, but he didn’t say a word as he cried the more. As he cried,he bit his lips as if he was regretting something, he continued to cry out and I placed my hand across his head as tears also swelled in my eyes.

” Gabriel, I am not a wicked person ” he finally said still crying.

”I know” I simply replied him with my hand still on his head.

Master Theo:
”Hey guys its time for training” he shouted as he came into the field, he was in the food canteen all this while eating.

”Dont worry Charles, we chat after training” I said to him while he nodded and wiped his tears with his Jersey. I jog off to where I kept my bag, I removed my glasses and kept it in the bag. ” Ok let’s start” the coach shouted as we arranged ourselves in twos again and started jogging. We did all the exercise we had to do and we finally bounced into the pitch to play. The coach divided us into three teams again, I was in the first team, Akpan, Charles and Mark were also in my team. This time, Akpan was still the captain.

Akpan:”Hugine, give us our formation” he said smiling.

Me:” Akpan, am Gabriel” I said also smiling.

Akpan:” Ah, you complain too much, just give us a good formation please” he said while I bent down and started drawing the formation on the sand.

Me:”Let use 3-3-4, since we have four good forwards, Charles, mark, you and I” I said to Akpan and then turned to the rest of the team and they nodded in agreement.

” OK let’s start, Akpan’s team pass first ” coach said blowing his whistle and running to the centre of the field.

Charles stood in the centre circle, I was in my team half of the box, Akpan was standing by the right and mark the left. ” pheew” the kick off whistle came and Charles passed the ball to me, I turned to the left and gave the ball to mark who also passed the ball back to a defender. ” Release on time” Akpan shouted as he noticed the opponents were now charging forward. The defender who was with the ball passed the ball to me and I gave it to Akpan who was by my right. “I love such passes Hugine” the coach shouted as he continued to run round the field. Akpan released the ball to Charles who was now in the opponent’s half. Charles looked left and right, and then he realized there was no one marking him. He pushed the ball a little forward and then the opposition defenders tried coming to mark him but he immediately threw a through pass to Mark who was already down the left wing. ” A killer pass from my Charles” coach Theo shouted happily. Mark braked the ball, sighted me just in the front of their 18 yard box and passed the ball to me. I saw the ball approaching me, without waiting for it to get to me I approached it and fired a shot but unfortunately, it went over the bar. ” Nice shot Hugine” coach Theo commended. Their keeper took the ball and started the goal kick from his defenders,he passed the ball to one of them and that one also started passing to the other defenders. The passing soon advanced to the midfielders, we tried marking them but their passes were fast and accurate. The ball finally got to their striker and he decided to throw an overhead pass to the winger but unluckily for him, one of my defenders headed the ball to the front. I was in their half of the field, I saw the ball coming and I quickly advanced towards it. I braked the ball and gave a side pass to mark who didn’t allow the pass rest in his leg as he released it to my front and I turned to the ball. I held the ball and advanced forward towards their post, they were about four defenders there, the first came and I cut him away. ” Oh my God” the coach shouted, I height the second one and then dropped the killer pass to Charles who was in my front, Charles also immediately released a through pass to mark who had made a nice run to their post, ” It’s a goaaaaaal” was the next thing that filled the air.

====> Me:
”So Charles,talk to me now, why are you like this?” I asked him again.

”Hey guys” he greeted as he came to seat on the log with us.

”Akpan, we are about to gain our old friend back” I said to him and he smiled.

” Gabriel, am sorry for everything” he started while I nodded.

”No need to apologize bro” I told him while he nodded.

”Thanks, Akpan am..”

”Hey, I was never for one day angry with you” he replied him.

” Actually, it wasn’t also my intention to be bad,it was just that I was tied up, there was nothing I could do to stop myself from doing all I did”

”How?” I asked him and he turned to Akpan

”Akpan you remember there was once a time when i,you and Sandra used to be good friends?” He asked while Akpan nodded.

” There was also a day I was discussing with the both of you of how I loved Kemi ” he said again while Akpan nodded.

”On that day, I never knew Sandra was with a recorder,she recorded all what I said and took it to Mrs Jagun. That was when all this started. Mrs Jagun called me that day and played the content of the recorder to me, she told me I was going to be expelled if the recorder got to the panel. My dad is late, and my mom I Dont know if she is still alive, I live with my uncle and I Dont want to disappoint him. I begged Mrs Jagun not to report me, that would apparently be the end of my education. Mrs Jagun agreed and told me she would spare me if only I leave Kemi for Sandra. I agreed with the intention of just toying with Sandra, but that wasn’t all, she then ask me to implicate Kemi. Sandra assisted me in that aspect by planting those basic science question papers in Kemi’s bag. Although i really love Kemi even till now but I also loved my education. We implicated Kemi and I thought that would be all, but No it wasn’t. When Hugine came, Sandra wanted him but Hugine was tougher than I am, he didn’t agree to date her. This was when I was called for again to implicate Hugine. I did that successfully with the help of the audio recorder and Gabriel was suspended, he should have been expelled but his saving grace was that the proprietor was around. I didn’t want to implicate Gabriel but Mrs Jagun still have that audio recorder in which Sandra used to implicate me. So anytime she wants me to do her dirty work for her, she always threatens me with that recorder.” He said crying. I patted his shoulder while Akpan sat knowing not what to do.

”What happened to your mom?” I asked while he turned to me and cried more.

”According to what they said, I was made to understand that she was being infected by a virulent virus, my uncle took her away from us and since then I haven’t heard from her. She isn’t normal, the virus makes her behave abnormal” he concluded trying to wipe his tears with the back of his palm.

Me:”am sorry Charles ” I said as tears also flowed down my cheek.

” There is nothing I can do now, Mrs Jagun and Sandra have me all to them, anything they want is what I will do” he said while I shaked my head the negative.

” What if i steal that recorder?” I asked, himself and Akpan looked at me in shock, I nodded my head as my eyes moved across the both of them who were shading tears as a result of Charles’s story.

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