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Secondary - Season 2 - Episode 9
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Master Theophilus:”
Hey guys, welcome our new player Hugine Gabriel “he said as we made to start our training, I have been given a new booth and hose.

” Actually sir its Gabriel Hugine” I told him.

Master Theophilus:
” Anyhow boy” he replied.

Master Theophilus:
” Now boys let start, as usual, we start with light jogging” he commanded as we stood in twos, we were all putting on blue jerseys, a white shot and hose and also blue booths. My glasses wasn’t on me, it was in my bag. I was jogging alongside Akpan, he was looking smart in his Jersey.

”So you are not even as handsome as I thought” he started a conversation as we Jogged.


Akpan:” your glass has been the one making your handsome, you look somehow without it.” He said again.

”That’s because you know me with glasses” I told him again and we continued to Jog in silence. We jog for about 10 minutes and then we stretched ourselves or let say the captain stretched us.

Master Theophilus:
” OK, nice one guys ” he said clapping his hands.

Master Theophilus:” Now let me see all the keepers” he said again as three guys came out, two were tall while the last one was short.

Master Theophilus:”My defenders” he called again and some group of heavily built guys came out, they were probably from the sss 3 class.

Master Theophilus:
”OK my strikers and midfielders” he said again while the rest of us stepped forward. He then divided us into three teams, he asked on team to wait while the first two teams played. I was in the second team while Charles was in the first. Akpan was also in my team, he was a winger, I a striker and master Theophilus, our referee. We were 10 players and a goal keeper. The coach asked us to pick a formation of our own, Akpan was the captain of my side.

”let’s pick 4-4-2″ Akpan said while I shaked my head in disagreement.

” why Dont we use 5-2-3?” I asked while my co-players nodded.

” OK that is also nice, Gabriel you strike, I play from the right while Mark from the left” he said as we stood up and stretched ourselves again before taking our main position on the field. Charles’s team was the first to pass the ball as our coach blew the starting whistle. Indeed they were good, Charles and his team passed the ball expertly and it was amazing. For about 10 minutes, my side didn’t touch the ball as Charles and his team mate dominated the field. ” You guys should push harder” coach Theo shouted to my team as he ran around the field with a whistle. At last my one of my defenders got the ball as a result of a shot which he blocked. He started the ball from the back as he passed it among his fellow defender, and then the ball got more interesting as it got to the midfielders. They played with the ball around the middle until at last one of our midfielders Okon found a space in the middle and passed the to Akpan who had made a nice run to the wing. ” That is a wonderful killer pass Okon” the coach commended as he continued to run around the field. Akpan stood still with the ball as he was being blocked by two of the opponent’s defenders, he was probably thinking of what to do. He tried using body movement for them but they wouldn’t go. Just then Okon ran to his side and he passed the ball to Okon. I was now in the centre, I was being marked by one huge guy, he was at my back and was following me everywhere. Mark was standing in their box, he was really disturbing them with his tiny body.

” Just pass the ball to me Okon” I shouted to him as he was now In front of me. I looked back and the huge guy was still standing behind me, I smiled to myself. Okon passed the ball to my right leg and I smartly moved to the left while the defender still followed me not knowing the ball was coming to my right, the ball passed the both of us and went to mark who was still in their 18 yard box. Without thinking, Mark released the shot which beat the keeper and went into the goal box. ” Nice goal, Hugine, I love that movement, Na you score the goal” the coach said smiling at me as I ran to mark for Jubilation.

” Nice one guys, let play ball, we need more goals ” he shouted to us as we entered the pitch again. Charles right leg was on the ball as he shouted to his team mates. The ref blew the whistle again and Charles passed the ball to his midfielder, I pushed forward as I ran to who was with the ball, he tried dribbling me but failed as I got the ball from him. I was in front of their 18 yard box, the first defender came and I dribbled pass him, the second one came, but he didn’t come for the ball, he swept me off my feet as I landed heavily just in front of the 18 yard box. ” pheeeew” the coach blew the whistle as he ran to me who was trying to get up. ” Deji take it easy, it just ordinary training ” he said to the guy who had cleared me. ” free kick” he said pointing to the spot where I had fallen. Mark, Akpan and some of my defenders went into the box to score. I stood in front of the ball as I looked at their post, I had no intention of scoring, I only wanted to cross the ball. I sighted a spot where my players were more and crossed the ball there. Luckily for me, Mark was there as he jumped up and headed the ball into the post without mistake. ” whooaaa another goal” the coach shouted. ” I never knew Mark was this good” the coach said again as he patted mark’s shoulder.

” All thanks to the new player coach, he knows how to use me not like Charles who wants everything to himself” he said to the coach as he came to shake me.

The training ended 3-1, they only scored with a penalty kick, one of my defenders did a hand ball In the box. I was now at home, with my glasses back to my face. Master Theophilus had told me that I can keep the jersey and the booth, he also said the match Jersey would be given to me the next day. I washed the one that was given to me and hanged it on the drying line hoping for it to get dried before the next day. I was too tired and only read a little that night and then called Joy and finally I slept off. I woke up early the next morning feeling more better, Eunice and my mom were already in the kitchen preparing something for us.

” Morning mom” I greeted.

” Are you okay now dear?” She asked while I nodded.

” So you can’t greet me abi?” She asked me smiling.

Me:” leave me alone” I said frowning at her.

Eunice:” Heyyy, my little bro is still angry with me because of yesterday bah?” She asked as she came and wrapped her hands across my neck.

Mom:” hmmmmm, my own brother is not here o, am jealous of my children ” she said smiling as she mixed the egg she was about to fry.

Eunice:” let’s us enjoy our time mom” she said still hugging me. I left them and went to wake my sis Cynthia who was still snoring badly.

====> I was just entering the school gate when Charles walked up to me.

” Mrs Jagun want to see you in the principal office” he said and walked away immediately. I did not bother going to the class again as I went straight to the principal’s office.

” Good morning ma and good morning sir” I greeted, Charles was also in the office. None of them replied as the principal stretched his hands for an audio recorder on his table, he played it and Akpan voice came to life.

” Did you just hug her?” The recorder echoed while the principal and Mrs Jagun turned to me.

Mrs Jagun:
” Charles here told us you hugged Joy yesterday and Akpan asked you if you just hugged her , is it true?” She asked while I smiled.

” No ma, it isn’t true” I said to her.

” Then who did you hug?”

” Sandra sir ” I lied smiling while their eyes turned to Charles who adjusted his specks and turned to me, I also adjusted my glass smiling to myself.

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