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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 2 - Episode 12
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Source: coolval22

we don fight finish make i tell ona wetin come happen…

“emma na me you dey call chicken??”
“no , na ur papa”
“so you no even get fear for body to call my papa for here abi? Abi you be b-----d?”
“make b-----d fire ur d--k there!”

i guess ona go wonder how two close friends turn enemies over night, no blame us o, the pain we pass through been too much and again we dey fine who we go carry do osama bin laden so as to calm our nerve.

“emma so na me you get that d--n mind to s--t all these words to abi? You soon of a b---h”

“who the f-----g hell do you think you are? You b-----d-ized so of a b---h”

for my mind, guy e don do , do make make we continue the rest with action not mouth cause na only women dey like mouth , but for this kind place self some women don turn men over night o, cause here turns us into something else and also brings out the monster in us . I pity the first civilian wey go buy job from us once we dey leave this training camp. Cause wetin me myself go do am eh….hmmm….i better reserve my comments cause action they say speaks louder than words.

Just then e come stone me punch
for my mind, eh eh heey, my guy na now you dey come, come on lets take the ride to a whole new level.

Nai i dive am down, dish am some couples of hot punch , nai him self come role me down, come sit down for my belle arrange my face with punch. Na so we come dey arrange each other with punches o make ona no ask me who win o, cause na draw draw fight we fight, nobi just that but we arrange and repackage each other face well.

Nobody even bother to seperate us self, even the provost just dey watch live wrestling courtesy of me and emma. Na when we tire we come free ourselves, by now we don tire small and our hot moral temperature don drop from 4k degree to 1k degree. Just then , whistle come sound i know say next stage won start .

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