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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 2 - Episode 13
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just then the JDP {joint Drill Provost} came to address the DPs {Drill Provosts} and the troops
JDP: “all DPs should be on the front roll with a combat array formation!”

all the DP dem just march form their required formation

JDP:”Now all PC, SC, COY commanders advance to the front roll ahead of your troops. ”

na so dem just march. Guy the scense just dey like when the Nigeria-Biafra civil war won start new. Mhen see as recruits just dey march na.

Now all recruits form your formation according to your company, section and platoon, and form a combat array formation behind your commanders, now march!”
na so we march o, cause here if you f--k up , dem go treat your f--k up by giving you s--t {not real s--t o, before ona go quote me wrong} in less than 10mins, everywhere don settle finish cause nobody won become scape goat.

“All correct soldiers!, this is stage 7, die hard level, sensitive sector cordinate alpha alpha lima zulu. Marching walking, this stage prepares you for a very long distance march during the time of emergency and it help develop and balance your formation maintainance and attack formation”
just then e come stop to talk come take a swap look cross the formation. I guess na to catch those noise makers or rule breakers. But since e no get any scape goat e resume talking

“Now all the formation straiges are compulsory for a good team work or esprit de coup , during marching attack, you must always be on the same line and ring with your partners, always use signs of signaling to correct yourselves when ever you miss a formation, is that clear?”

sir yes sir!!!

“And all DPs here, i’ll charge you all with the strick handling of those cows among them…”

{for my mind} cows fire your a-s there, na your mama and papa be cow, just because we come here nai give you the d--n audacity to call your papa cows abi, idiot {angry mode activated}

”…do you all copy?”

{in unionsm}copied! , roger that loud and clear sir!!! , over”
JDP”{in a commanding/parade tone} soldiers!, by the sector ration!!”

Na so we all stood attention after banging our feet on the ground

”arrrraaaay…by the sector left right”
omo na so we start

e left right , e left right dey go , to alaska all the way no going back!!!

“by the sector quick march!!!”
na so all the troops start to march like bufalo soldiers.

“e left right e left right , e left pian pian , e left right all the way to alaska alaska no going back”

just dey echoe every where as we dey march like biafran soldiers going to defend their land when the nigerian soldiers raided.

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