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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 2 - Episode 14
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We just dey match like last days soldiers dey go no lele. We no dey look uche face, na who even get time for uche self? Mchew!!

arrrraaaay mark time!

Na so everybody come halt. If ona hear the round wey foots {feet} make eh, e fit even cause another earth stake for mount yarighanstakei for japan.

Just then the camp don come show, for announcement o .

Camp don:
all yansh down!!!

Na so who drop down our booms {yansh} for ground like sack of beans.

Camp don:
rugged awee oo!

awaa oo!!

Camp don:
“today we are entering stage 8, and this stage 8, you’ll all train seperately, the land scout will be trained by the army, air scout by the airforce and marine will be trained by the navy. Now the SWAT team and special forces under the land scout will be trained by the army commandos…”

commandos? Chai i don die be that o, those commandos dem wey no dey laugh at all, chai na who send me na

camp don:
“now shall we put our hands together as captain A.JOHNSON come and give us a brief speech”

na so clapping or slapping {anything ona like to call am make ona call am e no concern me na ona sabi} fill the air , na when the captain open mouth to talk nai the noise die down instantly

“good morning soldier in advance, i am here this morning to address as well as recommend you for your effort during this training, when i saw your training theme tag SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN, i knew that you guys were really ready to be men and to be made men , and am here today that your dream of being a man after 7 days should come through…”

chai nai be say by the time i go leave here my mama no go even recognise me again. Chai my mama mama mama mama ooo abeg come save me o…

”and am here with my boys today so that your dreams will become a reality.”

e finish e sermon come come down from the stage {not real stage o, but the place wey go up small so that everybody fit see sermo wey dey talk}

nai the camp don come take over

camp don:
“pls a round of thunderous applause for captain Johnson”

we come dey clap like the children of israel after crossing the red sea

camp don:
“so without much time, just as i have told you, earlier now all of you file out to your different scout formation!”
na so we come file out o and i know that yes this was the beggingng of my misery and the way to be a mad man aka rugged brutal , haha rugged all the way no going back!

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