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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 2 - Episode 16
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Just as we start to dey go our various scout, i
was wondering how a training by the marine
will look like, mhen na real die hard training
be this o, chai na who even send me

All these thoughts were running over my mind
as i approach our formation. Just then i heard
someone calling

“private spoonz! Private spoonz!! Private

I decided to check out who the mad man was,
haba , it was solo

“haba solo baba na you dey galla like this??”

“hmmmmm my brother wetin man go do
again, nothing o , na only to dey obey order
man dey ”

“bro which scout you dey self?”
“spoonz na special force i dey o ”
“me self o”
“you mean am?”
“no i no mean am then i come dey go their
formation direction come dey yank you am
again? Your brain dey touch!”
“hahahaha private spoonz, you funny o,”
“see your dirty teeth like private, i still dey
training and you don come give me the rank of
private, guy if you do make those provost fire
me eh e no go good for you o ”
“haha chai oga spoonz you no go kill personn,
chai you really get wahala”
“you don see david?”
“which david?”
“the one wey impregnant ur mama”
“spoonz you dey craze!”
“make craze fire you there!!”
“oh oh oh, you mean shekeau?”
{since after the incidence that happen when i
was killing shekeau in the dream after waking
up by receiving blows i then realised that i
was dreaming but in reality i was cutting

david’s neck with my palm , folded into a
sharp sword shape. After explaining the dream to them , they started calling me spoonz while david’s name automatically changed to shekeau! Or shekeau baba , funny guys right?

Dem no go see me haha}

“you dey craze! Na your papa be shekeau”
“the guy dey marine scout o ”
“haha just tell me say you dey jonz”
“guy i wish i been dey jonz”
“guy like am wey no sabi swimm dey do
marine, hmmm make e better change o to
avoid story that touches”

by now we don reach our formation, luckily for
us, the soldiers were still taking down names
from the front so we quickly joined the back.

Soon we were through with every protocol so
we started the early training with gun, but na
with wooden guns we first use train o to avoid
story that touches because of first timers

We train under the stage 8 on how to crawl
with gun over a long distance, how to roll with
gun , how to take cover, infact by the time we
finish those stage 8 practise, i was like
“yes am qualify to fight bokoharam now”
at last we pass stage 8. And stage 9 na day 5
e go start so we were told to report out of drill
ground by our numbers
na there devil won come take charge , cause
as we dey go e reach my turn i come run pass
forgetting my check out number na there the
army staff sergeant come call me back
stf sgt: “whats your check out number?”
“029 sir!”

stf sgt:
“and did you say anything?”
“no sir”
The next thing i hear na “gbozaaaaaaaa!!!!” as
slap dey tear person face.

Just then i come
see my self for bright light with a beautiful
surroundings. Chai omo i dey heaven o. Nai i
come see some where like a reception post,
nai i come waka go meet the angel on duty.

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