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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 2 - Episode 6
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As i look am come see e eyes dey red nai i come double my prayers o cause i no won die a sinner, lols.

Belike the guy been dey wait for me to pray finish before e commence the demostration of osama bin laden. Cause as soon as i dey pray finish nai e come ask me if i don pray finish nai i say yes, omo na so koboko start to tear my body like mad. Chai na so i start to cry like 2months old baby wey dey fine e mama to b----t feed am .

As i see say e no go stop nai i come stand up tear race. I run so tale i no even know when i cross enter the next stage.


soon i come enter the combat stage, as soon as i dey enter nai 3 provost tackle me come throw me for ground . Oboy see punch na, dem scatter my face and body with punch, when i come notice say na “you do me i do you back” zone i dey nai i come stand . Just then the spirit of james bond come descend on me, na so i come grab the first provost throw am for ground, match down the second provost nai the third provost come tear race nai me self follow am o . Cause i must do am back . I must pay him back for all the misery e don cause me cause the beating e comrades with am give me really make me mad.

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