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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 2 - Episode 8
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Soon i hear oya start rolling , it was provost elvis amiebi {the guy don join nigerian army now , those of ona wey dey army fit know am, he is a 73na and serve in lokoja army barracks tall with big body that can scare a thief and black in complexion but i wouldn’t tell you his rank. He is also an ex WAI BRIGADE he once served with the nigerian red cross society also.}

“oya start rolling.”
as we dey roll nai e come bring moral song

“this is the way i wanted to be o , this is the way i wanted to be <x2> , hey!….i want to be a soldier , hey!…i want to be a rugged, hey hey hey i want to be a soldier this is the way i wanted to be.”

nai we follow am sing along o {to avoid story that touches, winks}
just as we dey finish that song nai another one come show o

“sowewe sowewe o , sowe sowewe o sowe! <x2>
who is a corper?

A corper is a teacher a teacher is a corper sowe!

Who is an RV?

An RV is a peace maker a peace maker is an RV sowe

who is a gate man?

A gate man is a policeman a policeman is a gate man sowe

who is a soldier

A soldier is a buldozer a buldozer is a soldier sowe”

“awee! Awaa, awaa! Awee, moral high moral high!”[/b]
{abeg make i stop here make my comrades no vex for me say i dey tell civilians our stuffs, cause if dem vex na provost dem go call for me and na guard room go be my friend once provost dem show, laughs}
As we dey sing my moral dey hot {na wetin make i like elvis be that o cause e know all the moral songs wey fit lift man spirit from grave} just then i come realise say i don finally pass stage 5.

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