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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 2 - Episode 9
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As soon as i leave stage 5 nai stage 6 come show,

“oya all of you frog jump”

the C. P bark out like dog, nai we start frog jump o. Just then i come see dem dey rust 3 people from platoon 10 commot, yes o that is the way they wanted to be o, i’ll rather die in the battle field or duty post than to die on the training ground . Kai thats not my portion.

Yes before i forget, as we dey frog jump dey go dem dey kick us for our butt0ckz like goats.
Hey you incoming mother f----r , you son of a b---h , you moron you b-----d, etc could be heard from the the provost dem as dem dey use us demostrate osama bin laden.

Sha i no blame dem , just then one of my comrades come strike us one song

“wayo o wayo wayo o, wa yoyo <x2> papa come and see o , wayoyo, wetin man dey pass through wayoyo, dem go pin our heads o, wayoyo dem go say na training o, wayoyo, dem go flog us tire wayoyo dem go say na training o, wayoyo”

jumping things on point o, this one be say the distance really too much, by now it was 11:50pm , yes and i know say 10mins from now we go enter day 4 and stage 7, all in one, just then i no know say i don slow my jumping pace, chai na so one of the provost come use e boot kick me for yansh , chai, kai, allah, Jesus, God, abasi, Bari, tamuno, chineke, chai my balls chai my balls {scrotum} the guy don burst my balls for me o……i just lie down dey roll up and down dey cry at the same time .

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