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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 3 - Episode 1
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Walking direct to where the angel was standing and attending to people, many thoughts were going throuh my mind, how will i be penalised, what will my fate be, just then all the bad things i have done started coming to me like a recorded movie.

I remember vividly say i dey eye my commandant bae, chai ,just then i come remember the cooler of eba wey me and my fellow platoon guys foodnap, how will i face this angel now? How will i defend and justify my actions? What will my fate be? Just then i remembered stroking ikebe super the previouse day before we started training chai i don die today.

I was still in a deep thought when i heard my name i then moved closer to the angel behind the counter , mhen! The angel was super mighty and hug with a broad chest , mhen only to take a look at the angel, na die . Only to see am self eh, you go confess all your past sins finish before he go even ask you question.

On reaching the counter, a book was opened , my name was not found in it and another book was then open, mhen all these whiles i don sweat tire, just then the angel look at me then shook his head in the negative direction.
“am sorry son , but you must face the penalties of you actions”

just then two other mighty angels them come show and started dragging me to an unknown direction.

All my pleading and cries fell on deaf ears as they paid no attention to my pleas.

Now where are they taking me to where are they taking me to i am doom i am doom pls can someone hear me? Where are they taking me to i need an answer now

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