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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 3 - Episode 2
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As they were dragging me along, i was busy shouting for plea, just then one of the angels open a very big door and told me

“sorry son but this is where you belong”

i was pushed into the door and i found myself in flames, my sister and brother abeg hell is not a place you will even wish you arch-enemy to go self, cause hmmm, words can’t described the place. Torment by fire but you will never die, which is the most painful part , and worms will be eating you alive and yet you still wouldn’t die, abeg make ona repent o before its too late o, heaven is real and hell fire is also real o , make ona no mind all those religions wey dey tell ona say hell fire no day , abeg i dey beg ona make ona repent o.

Mhen once i touch ground na so i start to dey shout and cry till……

I come open my eyes come discover say my guys dem light fire come dey warn themselves {cause the weather been dey d--n cold} but me just roll nearly enter the fire but dem no notice, mhen see as sweet full my body na, nai i come jump up run enter bathroom, thank God say water dey but i no know who get am {mtchew as if who go get time to enquire about who get water in such emergency situations.} i just jerk the water pour for my body come see as vapour just dey commot from my body na, e just dey like when you carry water pour for hot iron. Mhen by the time i finish, my body temperature drop from 100^C to 50^C. Chai mhen i tell ona say heat fit kill person, now one day down two to go, i just dash out of the bathroom wear only short nicker come tear race enter the boys mids collect four sachet of pure water pour am down for my throat , choi mhen i tell ona say yes cold water really good o. Once the water dey touch my throat wetin i hear na


as the water dey quench the heat. Two down one to go, i come turn around look my guys their face come see all eyes just dey watch me like movie, yea the number three and and the last na to answer questions now ,
but guys abeg wetin i go tell them now?


As soon as i touch yansh for ground nai laughter ensued.

wetin dey make ona laugh?

bros abeg where you been dey after that soldier tear you slap?

bro solo solo the solo guy abeg make ona repent for the kingdom of God is at hand o

guy no tell me say the soldier slap send you go hell fire come back?

bro na so i see am o
hahaha every body started laughing and this piss me off.

James: but wetin that soldier do no good at all o. Just imagine the way e just blast you slap rather than to correct you with mouth. Me dey wonder if na so dem dey treat their wives and children for house. Mhen na wa o

imo wetin you even do the soldier self?

Me: na my number i forget to mention thats all

just because of number nai make am nearly kill my oga for me? Abi that soldier dey craze? E well at all abi something dey do am for head!?

Just then we come hear
na who you say dey craze? Oya make that mad man come out!!
Omg show don spoil

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