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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 3 - Episode 6
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we started moving towards the training venue, chai mhen see training na, other companies dem dey train as if na dem won go confront the dreaded bokoharam terrorists them. Sha that one na their cross be that so na only them know how to carry am.

Soon we arrive the training field and alas na real drill we come o. See people just dey faint like mad. Just then we come start to dey crawl towards the field as directed by the DC , next na rolling and how to take cover. The DC then divided us into two companies tell us to train against each other in a mock war. Mhen see as every body decide to display their combat skills na . “Tatata” i use my voice to mock gun sound as i aimed at an opponent, he went down as instructed by the DC. just then my eyes caught a very beautiful sight, a girl on the opponent side fighting gallantly and over coming my team mates. Chai all this boys them be ajebotins o. Na woman dey beat dem black andblueeven some of dem don dey retreat self. I nearly laugh but immediately RSDREGIMENTAL STANDARDpunishment flash enter my mind nai i decide to compose myself make i no buy job especially from these brutal soldiers from the nigerian army. Na who say soldier no dey fear soldier? Kai That person lie o cause e get some soldier wey you go come across self even if you be captain , you go fear am. Me see this girl advance dey come meet me i start to dey sweat, mhen so far i’ve been making good records in the combat training and my wooden riffle was also gaining honour but now see this devil girl won come pour same for my garri.

Aboy lucky no f--k up o , if you f--k up you don fall all the guys hands on coolval o and the girls go make mouth. I come summone up courage ran towards the girl but just then four of my team mates come attack her mhen, like james bond she finish dem , before i fit say jack bauer all of dem don fall off from the mock training. And if you fall off from the mock war, na to go pin down your head o. Chai and me no go fit o. Nai i race like usain bolt towards the girl while she also did the same towards me , just then i heard our DC Shouting “clash of the titans” i didn’t even give a d--n what he meant by that . Once we collide she just tear me osama bin laden slap nai me self blast her barrack obama punch. Chai i say this girl na man in woman form, she didio me nai i come reason am say bro if this girl beat you you don bleep up o. Nai i decide to show her say i be man i add more energy, come dey attack her just then she come add her own self, na then i come realise wetin our DC meant by Clash of the titans. Nai i come shout “DC na superman in woman form i dey fight o” the guy just shout “shut up there and focus and bear in mind if she win you i go cut off your d--k”

chai my d--k? But why my d--k? Coolvallers ona fit help me tell me why e won cut my d--k?

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