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SEVEN DAYS TO MAKE A MAN - Season 3 - Episode 8
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i open my eyes to behold a very bright place, mhen the place fine die. I started wondering if i don die but just then my eyes come fall on the curtains and gradually i started getting a better vision . When did i get here and what the hell happen to me? I started asking myself all these phentical questions. Gradually i started recalling all what happened. Mhen this girl really wicked o and just imagine as she disgrace me black and blue without an iota of mercy. I felt angry and at the same time hungry. Just then. The door to the room opened and a member of the medic corp entered the room. On seeing me he nodded like an agama lizard before going out. Minutes later, he return with my commanders , led them to my bed side and left them there. My DC just look at me , shook his head in disappointment. I was sad and scared at the same time . What have i done? Just then he put his hand into his jerk knife holster and brought out his jerk knife.

This was it, am going to lost my d--k….

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