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Shadows of the Green - Season 2 - Episode 16
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LAST EPISODE **************


She ran to her grandmother in tears,
ignoring the man who sat beside her.

“Mummy, I don’t want to go to school
She had cried

“Why baby?”
Pemisire placed the beautiful
girl on her lap.

“My friends said I don’t have a father…”
She sneezed.

“Oh my dear, Dad is here…” Solo opened
his hands wide inviting her into his arms.

Toluwa had grew into a beautiful girl,
beautiful like her mother and fearless like
her father. She went into his arms

She called slowly, looking up.

“Yes honey.”

“Why am I not living with you and
She asked innocently.

“Because you have to stay with mother or
don’t you want to stay with her?”
replied with a big grin.

“I heard grandma telling big aunty that my
parents are dead.”

“No o… I am here joo.”
He smiled, Toluwa was difficult to deal with, she could talk
you to death.

“But daddy…”

“…guess what?”

“Daddy, I….”
She wanted to protest.

“We’re spending the next vacation in
Atlanta with mummy…”
He announced,

Toluwa was happy. She was going to
spend time with her ‘father’ and his wife.
Pemisire watched the kid as she reminded
her of her first son, Gori Fatoyinbo. She
had been taking care of her since the day
death took her parents, Gori and Tiwa and

she was happy she was growing fast,
faster than she could imagine. All thanks to
God and Solomon, who had been there for
her since the tragic incident took place.


Solo answered.

“Do you know what my friends are calling
She asked smiling.

“What? Princess…”




“Then what?”

She was laughing. Pemisire
Pedro and Solo were both shocked.

“Shadow ke?”
They asked in unison.

“Do you know I always stalk all bullies and
I report all bad teachers in my school? I
fight for other…”
She handed deranging
her hair.

“See, Tolu, go inside…” Pemisire ordered.

“Why now?” She wanted to protest but the
look on grandma’s face spoke volumes to
her. She stood to leave.

“I bought a new dress for you.”
announced bringing out a green dress.

“I hate green colour…” She said irritatingly
and left. Pemisire and Solo excahngwd
glances. Toluwa was not a young girl, she
was wiser than her age.

Goriola’s reincarnate


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