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Shadows of the Green - Season 2 - Episode 4
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“Daniel, do you think hiding under the Green
will save you?”
He strolled down the room, a
cigarette placed on his lips.

“What do you want from me?”

“Sheybi you are the one who wanted
something from me…”

“I’ve got what I wanted…. Your life… You’re
dead… Gori! You are!”

“…you’re too dumb to think that man was
my father… Just too dumb! Yes, I fainted, yes
I did! It was Tiwa’s urine that affected me
not that dumbass tooth. Tiwa is carrying my
baby and they told you only my father and
son can kill me… I’ll give you an assignment,
go and look for my father or wait till my
child is seven years…”
He laughed mockingly,
his laughter drifted Daniel back to life, he
jerked and stood up. He looked from left to
right, from front to back, beads of sweat
formed above his nose region. It was a
dream, a significant one, a bad one! A

He picked up his phone and placed a call
through Akin Badmus.

“Hello, Sir green.”

“Young Green, how moral?”

“Moral is low, oga mi. I have a bad dream
just now and right now, I think Gori
Fatoyinbo is alive.”
Akin’s laughter nearly deafen him.

“Gori wo? The dead one or the one
presently in hell.”
He laughed again.”

“Sirgreen, we need to see o… I’m scared. ‘ikú
to ñ pojúbà Eni, òwe lo n pa fun ni’, Jack is
dead, who else will save me from him? Who

else can kill Jack? Goddy? No o! I’m coming
to see you at home right now.


Students of The University were all gathered
in groups in fronts of all departmental halls
and faculties. Seven pictures were being
displayed in all corners of the school.

The first picture is Bileri Anifowose
the second is Chidozie Chukwuka
the third is Kayode Badmus(1991-2012),
the fourth is Joy Makun(1994-2013),
the fifth is Cindy Anikulapo(1994-2014),
the sixth is Halima Mohammed(1994-2014),
the seventh is Lanre Sangoyode

There was a brief biography under each

” they are in one way or the other related to
the rape and death of students for the past
twenty six years.”

Jackson Babatunde pic was the last,

Number one of the most dreaded secret cult

Signed by: the Shadow

“Uhn… Lives are being lost everyday… How
can all this young guys be related to the
deaths and rapes for the last twenty six
years when most of them…”
sharpmouthed lady complained.

“I think this thing is more deep than we
think o…”
A guy said.

“See, you see the school authority is playing
with our intelligence. When Gori Fatoyinbo
was alive, they said he was responsible for
killing all of them… They said he was the
shadow, now that they have killed him nko?

A lady complained.

“See, Gori is the shadow o… Shadow is the
Gori o…. This shadow is Gori o… Since this
shadow have been killing everybody, has it
stopped students from dying? Lola of bus
admin still died last Thursday… So I don’t
understand all these rubbish.”
A short lady

He smiled as he walked out of the crowd, he
adjusted his facecap as he walked away. He
got the little information he wanted, he
knew it was the right time. The year 2015
would be a remarkable year in the memory
of the university. He must finished what he
started, he must wipe out all traces of the


“DCP, I want you to talk to everyone under
you. I’m fed up of what is happening in the
university. Lots of lives are been lost
everytime. Students are dying so are
lecturers children. I know you are aware of
the death of Lanre Deputy, the Deputy
Governor’s son. You know Bileri, Senator
Anifowose died not quite long too and it’s
been linked to just one shadow from the
university. IG is on my neck o… We must
bring all these criminals to book o.”
commissioner of Police, Adekunle Jamiu
explained. He was a tall slim man in his mid

“Sir, in fact, this case is too tight. I don’t
understand it a bit. We were invited by the
school’s security agents yesterday, eight
pictures are being displayed in all building
of the school. I interviewed few students
and some staffs, since the VC is bereaved
presently. They all said the known Shadow is
dead,no one is aware of what’s happening…
Sir, in fact, I don’t understand anymore.”

“DCP, call your boys… I think you have to
meet the parents of all deceased for an
interview. Let us know what relationship
they have with the shadow.”
CP said.

“But…I think this shadow is trying to seek
for revenge on the death of some people
probably students or people because all
their parents are either working in the
university or once worked in the school… I
will arrange some guys to go to them.”

“Is Inspector Jude around?”

“He went for a course in Kano.”

“I will call him personally, he is good at cases
like this.”
CP recommended.

Good day guys

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