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Shadows of the Green - Season 1 - Episode 14
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☆☆ **********”Gori.. Goriola!” Gori’s mother called, she
was sitting on a bench with her husband
who was listening to a popular radio
program on Adaba FM.

“Mummy, what is it again?” He could not
wait for resumption, his mother was the
thorn in his flesh.

“Where did you go last night?”
“I told you a friend of mine is celebrating
his birthday party”
“Gori, I heard you slept with a girl publicly
after offering her five hundred thousand?”
“Five hundred naira? Baba asked.
” it is actually three hundred naira “Gori
” .. But did you sleep with her in the
presence of everyone? ”
“Mama Gori, leave this boy alone! Is he a
kid? Can’t he enjoy his life? He is twenty
one for Christ sake!” Baba defended.
“Baba Foluso, do you mean we should
open our eyes as his life get spoilt?”
“Whose life is getting spoilt?does
enjoyment spoils life? Goriowo, will you
please get me two bottle of babyoku this
night? Baba grinned, it had been a routine
for him to ask Gori for drinks.


Gori was trekking down the road when
his spiritual instinct alarmed him of
danger, it was late in the night. He decided
to wait for the danger so he stood very
close to a big mango tree, three guys
apprehended him, all in a black stripped t-

” ao far u guy?” One of the guys asked.
“I dey, wetin dey shele? He decided to play
along since he knew they were there for
his(their) downfall.

” Wetin dey for the boys?” The tallest asked
“Nothing dey o” he replied. The shortest

one brought a dagger close to his
stomach, he smiled.

“Guy, corporate o … Just follow Gigantic.”
The guy with dagger instructed, Gori
followed them and he was led to an
uncompleted building.

“Guy, na u dey show say u b da Rosa shey!
We go burst your bubble now now?
Gigantic said, the three guys were holding
daggers, it dawned on Gori that they
meant business.

” what do you guy want from me?” Gori

“Submit all your ATM cards and money”
Pistol instructed. Gori brought his black
wallet and placed it on the floor,
immediately Gigantic made to stab him,
Pistol took the wallet which turned into a
black mamba almost immediately. When
they saw the snake, they were scared and
they made for their lives, Pistol and
Gigantic were bitten while Socket escaped,
the snake turned into a black leather
wallet, Gori took it and left.


Everyone was assembled in the crime
scene, Gori made his way to the front and
saw the decomposing body of Pistol and
Gigantic,he covered his nose with his
handkerchief while someone’s gaze
caught his eyes, it was Solomon, he smiled
to him and Solomon smiled back making a
signal for him to follow him.

“You killed those guys, Gori”
“Geeboy” he corrected.

“Must you kill everyone? You killed Ken and
Bills d Don ,now it is Pistol and Gigantic.
Must you kill everyone!”

“Are you afraid I’m going to kill you?” Gori

“Do you think you can kill me? Solo asked.
” Bills was richer than you, Ken was more
powerful, what do you think? ”

“Geeboy” he corrected.

“I’m going to hunt you, do you think you
can be powerful than me?”

“You want to risk your life the way you
risked Pistol and Gigantic’s life? Don’t try
to hunt me,Solo. I am untouchable!!” He

“Who told you you’re untouchable? I’ll kill
you and bring your filthy dead body to
your parents.” Solo fired.

“Let us both go tell our parents we’re
going to die and let us see who they are
going to mourn between us.” Gori said
and left.

Solo could not decode what Gori meant, he
knew he needed to act faster or else his
obituary would be on the school’s noticed
board.Goriola was in his living room surging the
net when Tiwatope and Kayode came in.

“Almighty girlfriend’s boyfriend” Kay

“Almighty boyfriend’s girlfriend” she spank
him, she knew Gori was referring to. Dan.
“He is in his room.”
“I am not here to see him!” She eyed him.
“Abeg free me, make I hola my babe.”

“Uhn… God will provide me a boyfriend
soon o.” She said and left for Dan’s room.
“Why are you not in school today?” Tiwa
asked eyeing him under her long,heavy
false lashes.

“I am so tired today more so, I missed just
two classes.” Gori defended.

“Olami I don’t understand you anymore,
you’ve not been to school since the
beginning of this semester. Are you losing
it!” She screamed, Gori scratched his head,
he needed something to calm her down.
He drew her closer and embraced her, he
could not afford to lose her .

“Tiwatope, aya mi, try and understand me,
I need money to take care of you. I can’t
starve you and our children when we get
married. You see,the VC is aware of my
absence in school, he will cover up for
me.” He teased her with his tongue
around her neck.

“Even if you are the VC’s son, you have to
be serious naw. Everything is not money,

you’ve abandoned your poetry work too.”
“Okay, I’ll start now.” He stood up and
carried her to his room, he la!d her gently
on the bed.

“What are you doing?”

“Princess, we have been together for a
year thereabout, let me make you a
woman. You should know my intentions
are real, I want you and I will marry you.
Let me take your virginity” he pleaded.
“Olami,why can’t we wait till our wedding
night since you claimed you love me, why
the rush?”She was angry.

“I want this, Tiwa.”

“Is that why you’ve been showering me
gift lately?”

“Don’t I do that before?”

“Then what?” She asked in a harsh tone.
“Temi, we’ve been sleeping together for
months now, did you know I hardly sleep
sometimes ?”

“You will dump me immediately I give you
my virginity” she was afraid, she could not
stand the chance to lose her man.
“If I want to dump you, I won’t wait till
now. I can’t resist this temptations
anymore and I don’t wanna cheat on you
but since you don’t want it, no wahala.” He
made to stand up looking dejected,Tiwa
drew him back and kissed him. Minutes
later, their clothes were flying around,the
bedspread was stained with blood, tiwa
clenched to Gori as if he would run away
and Gori was happy he was a fulfilled man.


“I saw your message, Oluwo.” Gori was
sitted close to Oluwo who was sitted at his
favourite position on his favourite chair.

“Goriola, you are far from me o” Oluwo

“I am sorry, Oluwo. School and work have
been taking my time.” He apologised.

“The elders sent me to deliver a message
to you.”

“What?” He adjusted in his seat.

“Redemption, you need redemption.”

“Redemption,what redemption? You did
not tell me there is redemption

“You see,count yourself lucky they gave
you redemption, no one did that for Ken.

You are making money through the power
of the elders, they needed to be
compensated.” Baba explained.

“Okay, what did they want?”

“Blood, woman blood! The first woman
you will use will die, others will not.”

“Oluwo, you mean I’ll use lots of women?
” For this year, just one. Every year, you will
be redeeming your pledge with one lady.”

Oluwo expressed.

“Okay, I will bring one tomorrow.”

“One more thing, the woman must be
someone you have made love to at most,
three weeks ago, you must look for this
woman, make love to her again and wipe
her with this white handkerchief, that is

“You mean I should have sex with a
woman I have once had sex with at most,
three weeks ago?he questioned.

” yes.” Oluwo grinned. Gori was alarmed!

He made love to Tiwa just yesterday, he
could not recall anyone else for the past
three week. No, he cannot lose Tiwatope,
he loved her and he dared not hurt her.

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