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Shadows of the Green - Season 1 - Episode 17
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☆☆ **********Gori la!d in bed surfing the internet when
Tiwa’s phone rang, it was the third time.
The callers ID was familiar,who was thiswho
had been calling Tiwa frequently?

“Tiwa, you have a call?” Tiwa rushed in from
the bathroom, picked her phone and
declined the call.

“Who was that?” Gori asked suspiciously.

“Just a friend.”
“Why did you disconnect the call?”
“Are you jealous?” She asked applying some
lotion, Gori stood up and picked her phone
before she knew. He went through her call
Log and message box, he saw series of
messages and chats which made him

“Who is Dozie?” He eyes were bloodshot.
“He is a friend.” She said adjusting the towel
she tied round her plumpy body.

“So na all guys dey sample you for this
school, Tiwa.”
“How do you mean?”
“Check this out?” He said showing her some
of the messages on her phone .

“I… I … I am sorry.” She apologised.
“So some cheap guys are sending messages
to you rheeough the phone I bought with
my own money!oh my God!” He said
scratching his head.

“You guys even have sex!”
“I’m sorry.”

“What else do you need? Why is it difficult to
satisfy a woman? I show you love… Oh my
God! Is he better than me?”
“Ba-by, it was a mistake.”
“How many times did you guys have sex?”
“Once baby… Please,” shee said shedding

“Tiwa, some other guy sampled you? Ki lo fe
(what did you want)?” He felt ragez he was

“I’m… Sorry”

“How did it happen?”
“It… It ….. It was a mistake. I’m sorry” she

“How did it happened?” He snapped.
“I… I … I was raped.” She defended.
“You were raped and you guys keep
communicating? Tiwa, are you mad? What
did you take me for? Now, for the last timez
what happened.” Tiwa was already on her
kneels, she had never seen Gori that angry.

“It was a mistake… It was just once and it
will never happen again I promise.” She

“Who is Dozie?” He asked boiling with rage.
“He … He … Is … a Corper.”

“So he promised you marriage abi…”

“I… I… Am sorry.” She said looking down.

“So I b mugu abi… I dey buy you phone,
clothes, weaves and some guys dey sample
you abi. You don tear eye for this school
abi?” He was disappointed, the only girl he
loved was been player by someone else.
“Go… Ri”

“So me wey dey mugu person na in one
babe dey mugu…. Tiwa, get out and let this
be the last time I’m seeing you!”

“Gori, please!” She crawled to where he
stoodand held his legs.

“What department is he?”

“No pee. Get out!” He said and left.


“Geeboy, no vex for your babe naw.” Dan

“Dan, abeg free DAT babe joo.”

“Kay tell me say the babe no chop for hostel,
say in just dey cry for room.”

“Omo, chill out. Another babe go carry head

“No b u talk say na u disvirgin her!”
“Na one guy go pluck flower naw.”
“Abeg, forgive her.”

“Dan, mobilise some guys, google that
stupid Dozie wey think say na all babes e fit
sample for this school.”
“Okay o.”

Tiwatope was sitted in Gori’s sitting room,
Dan had hinted her that he was around and
had advised her to go when she came in
with Kay. Kayode and Dan had gone into
Dan’s room, she had knocked on Gori’s
room tiredlesly with no response, so she
retired into the living room waiting for him.
Gori appeared thirty minutes later looking

“Baby, do I deserve this?” She was close to
tears, she had been a shadow of herself
since Gori left her. She missed him so much.

Even though Dozie was more romantic, Gori
was her first love, she loved him.

“What are you doing here?” He frowned, a
slim young lady walked in and kissed him,
Tiwa felt shattered.
“Who is she?” Tiwa asked.

“Who are you too?” The lady asked too.

“You both belong to the runs girl’s club
now, you should know yourself.” Gori

“You mean I… I… I am a runs girl ?” Tiwa felt

“Someone who bleeps more than one man
is what?” The other girl was chewing gum
with her arms akimbo.

“Do… Do I deserve this? You deflowered me
for crying out loud!”

“And so? You bleeped some ransom guys!”
He fired.

“Guy” she corrected.

“G-boy, this babe is d--n hot, can we have
go for two sums?” She asked flirting on
Tiwa’s body.

“Bee, talk to her, she might wanna try that
but not with me.” He responded smiling.

“I love you… That is right! I want you back…

Which is cool but I won’t tolerate you
embarrassing and humiliating me!” She said
and left, Gori felt bad but Tiwa deserved
being taught a lesson.


“Dan, are you through with the
investigations?” He asked as he was
browsing through his laptop.

“Oh yeah… The boys gave me some
interesting feedback today.” He gulped
down a cup of 501.

“Let’s hear it.”

“His name is Chidozie Chukwuka, he is the
last son of the registrar, Dr. Chukwuka. He
graduated from Leadcity University, Ibadan
with a second class lower but got to serve
here through his father’s connection. Tiwa
is just one of his numerous girlfriends. He
brainwashed them and sleeps with them.
Then record the elicits and share with his
father and friends.” Dan paused, he knew
Gori would be vexed hearing that so he
paused to watch his reaction.

“Is Tiwa this stupid?” He knew he needed to
act fast to save Tiwa’s name. She is the
daughter of a lecturer for Pete’s sake but
then Chukwuka rang a bell.

“You said d guy na Chukwuka pikin abi?” He
asked in mixed pidgin.

“Yes.” He stood up immediately and went to
his room, he searched for the black diary
and went trough page seventy six for the
names of the members of the old occultic
group then he saw Dr. Chukwuka’s name, he
was among the Greens. He needed to
punish the boy and send him as a message
to Amos Chukwuka, his father.


“Who killed this guy?” A girl who was
standing among the spectators watching
Dozie’s lifeless body, flies and maggots were
feasting on his decomposed body.

“Na corper o, see im khaki.” Another said
pointing to Dozie’s blood-filled khaki.

“You no no d guy?” A guy asked,some
nodded in affirmation while some did
not.” guy na Chukwu’s pikin na.” The
other students started murmuring.

“Dozie! The guy that had been victimizing all
the girls?”

“Yes o” the murmur started again. Few
minutes later, the Vice Chancellor’s official
car pulled at the gathering, some students
especially the ladies fled while some brave
guys waited.

“What is going on here?” The VC asked
adjusting his glasses, some of the students
pointed towards Dozie’s lifeless body, the VC
eyes trailed to the lifeless body and the only
thing that caught his attention was the small
paper that was tagged on Dozie’s crested
vest with a bold inscription: Shadows of the
Who knew about the Green and who is the

Gori opened the black diary, he needed to see the list of the members of the Green. He opened it and read through the list, there
were seven in numbers but no one knew
who the seventh person was.
Goriola Anikulapo – member
John Anifowose – member
James Chukwuka – member
Adigun Makun – vice
Yusuf Mohammed – member
Akin Badmus – member
? – Leader
He needed to find them and kill them all,
including their children, he had sent
messages through Bills d Don and Dozie and
he needed to go round including the leader
of the ocxultic group.

Daniel came in with a bottle of Andre, he sat
in bed with Gori.

“How far guy.” Gori greeted.

“I dey o.” Daniel responded sipping directly
from the bottle of Andre.

“Gori, you actually killed Ken. I confirmed it
when you killed Dozie. What’s going on?

We’re friends now, I don’t know you were
this powerful… Killing a guy by placing your
hands on his chest?” Daniel said as he
recalled their encounter with Dozie the
previous day. They tracked him down to his
CDS,and after he was through, Gori had
called him to meet him OffK, he said he
wanted to be his friend and wanted them to
meet. Dozie jumped to the offer when the
caller promised to give him three ladies.

He met with Gori and Daniel on the fateful
evening, Gori bought them a drink and they
were drinking and chatting, an hour into
the meeting, Gori offered to take him to his

“Do you know this lady?” Gori asked flashing
Tiwatope ‘s picture to his face.

“I sabi am naw. Na one of my babes joo but
the girl na ‘bolo’, she dey find person to love
am. Shey I resemble Romeo. I bin wan do
chop and clean mouth but the girl just dey
hold me. Na so I kuku dey play along in fact I
don knack the girl p---y tire, d hole wey bin
say e tight when I start… In don wide now
o… I even get some videos, make I show
you?” He was smiling and searching for the
videos at the same town,Gori’s eyes were
bloodshot but he knew he had to keep calm
in other not to fumble, Daniel was staring at
Dozie who innocently was searching for the
videos, he wanted to caution him but he
remembered Gori never wanted him to see
the drama to the end so he kept quiet.

“Don’t worry, Dozie. Ehm, I heard you are the registrar’s son.

” yes o, na me be the first son but I get one
sister. Na my papa.”

“Was he the one who taught you how to
sleep with women.” Dozie was kind of

“Geeboy, how do you mean?”he frowned.

“You see” Gori walked to him and patted his
shoulder. “Let me tell you a short story, there
are some seven good friend who are or
were working in this school, I termed them
the ambitious career seekers. These seven
friends would rape,injure and kill young
female students especially virgin in order to
keep being in power. They had done lots on
vices, broken lots of home and they had
ruined a lot of lives, Now, as a patriot, if you
have access to this people, what will you do
to them?-he asked, Daniel and Dozie who
had been listening with keen interest
exchanged glances.

“Well, I will hand them over to the police.”
Dan said
“For me o, I go kill dem. I no send.” Dozie

“Well, your father is one of this seven friends
and I am not ready to kill him or hand him
over to the police.” He smiled wickedly
looking straight into Dozie’s eyes. Dozie on
the other hand was confused so was
Daniel.”I want to send a message to him
through you.”

“What… Wha… What is going on?” Dozie

“I am sending you a message to your father,
this message will also serve as revenging for
what you did for my girlfriend,Tiwatope.

You knew she was innocent yet you went
ahead and defiled her!” He shouted then
suddenly, he placed his hands on Dozie
chest then pressed.

“Wha… Wha… What..are you…you
to…to me me me.” He was choking
“I’m revenging for using my girlfriend and
Also sending a message to your father.” He
smiled, pressed his hand more on his heart.

Dozie started feeling dizzy and drained. He
remembered his mothers advice about bad
influence. He closed his eye and gave up, it
was the end.


“Gori, dot teach me how to eat fish, teach
me to be a fisherman. I want to be powerful
as well.-he pleaded.

Gori walked into the faculty lecture theatre
searching for Dan, as he was searching
round, he stumbled on Tiwa. She was sitted
absentminded. She was alone on the long
pew but her mind was far from where she
sat. Gori knew he could not bypass her
seeing her in such a condition, he saw Dan
and Kay few metres away, they were
cuddled into each others arms and he knew
they knew no shame. Kay could not even sit
with her friend. Most friends are not faithful,
he found himself sat near his old and first
love, Tiwa was lost in her thought, she had
sprang up when he tapped her. He knew
she was not expecting him to sit beside him
because she stared so hard at him.

“Hi” he greeted.

“Hello.” She mumbled, she had missed him,
she had not been able to get off the fact that
she loved him, a scene of the incidence that
happened in Gori’s house a week earlier
played through her heart. Gori had paid her
back in her own coin. He made love to
another girl without minding she would be
heartbroken. She could not blame him, she
started it.

“You look sick, how have you been?”
“I’ve been fine.” She hid her sadness from

“Tiwatope, you know I know you better.” He
smiled as he crossed his arms. The lecturer
walked in and the lecture began, he noticed
Tiwa was nervous and absent minded,
shehad not jotted anything and thirty
minutes into the lecture, she was staring
into the space.

Gori scribbled “Meet me at home by six” in a small sheet of paper he saw on the floor and
passed it to her.

“Why?” She had responded.

“I wanna meet you.” he wrote again but
Tiwa refused to reply. She left the lecture
theatre before anyone else.

“Wassup guy.” He shook hands with Dan,
hugged Kay lightly.
“I dey. Dis one wey u Sidon wit ur wife.” Dan
said smiling.

“I’m sure you guys ain’t planning to
reunite.” Kay smiled, Gori looked into Kay’s
eyes and saw jealousy, he knew Kay never
wanted them back.

“Kay, bring her to my house by six.” His eyes
were pleading.

“She is grownup, man.” She replied

“With Tiwa or no visit!” With this he walked


He had been trying to send her a message
on WhatsApp with no response. He went
overboard by blocking her on WhatsApp
when she was bombarding him with
messages on WhatsApp. He had unblocked
her and sent her a message but she did not
respond even though she was reading
them. He called her a few times but she
either ignored his calls or disconnect them.
He called Kay too but she claimed she could
not drag her.

“You better get her here or I personally
come to embarrass her in you guys hostel.”
He threatened Kay as they spoke on phone.
“Licking a-s, you do just that!” She blasted.
“Kay, please do this for me.” He retired, he
knew she was strongheaded.

“On one condition!”
“What condition!”
“You get me the new android phone.” She

“Why do you have a boyfriend?” He blasted.

“Why did you jilted your girlfriend?” She
blasted, there was silence, he knew she
won! “Sheybi you were forming super man
before ni! We all were begging you but you
turned deaf ears… Now it is your turn….”

“Drag your dried a-s here with her by six or
no phone.” He cut in and disconnected the
call. He sighed, he could not put up to Kay’s


It was some minutes to seven, no Kay, no
Tope. He had been glancing and checking
both the wall clock and his wristwatch, he
had tried Kay’s number which was either
busy or unreachable. The two walked in few
minutes later, Kay was in front and Tiwa
stood behind her. She was wearing her
favourite nightie and he wondered what
had transpired between Kay and her before
she agreed to follow her.

“Why are you staring at me like that!” Kay
said with her feet wide apart and her arms
crossed. Gori scoffled, he was not staring at
her but at Tiwa who stood like a stranger.

“You are going to pay me for this o! You
know all this Ekiti babes and stubbornness. I
had to half dragged,half pet her down here.

As you can see, she was set to sleep.” She
complained. Gori stood up, took Tiwa by
hand and dragged her to his room.


“Are you going to stand there or apologise?
Gori asked, he did a great job dragging her
into his room,had to lock the door and kept
the keys. Tiwa was standing by the door
while Gori was sited.
” for?”
“For cheating on me?”

“Oh, am I the only one who cheated? You
did too. You did it to my face!” She blasted.

“You pushed me!”

“How about Tiffah, I heard you were
strafing her too?”
“That is a lie.”
“You killed him, don’t you?” She asked

“Yes, I did. I did that for my love. How could
a useless man do such to me! ” he admitted
though not expected. He moved closer to
her. “Tiwa,I love you. I am sorry things went
sour between us. I felt disgusted sharing
you with some other guys.” He watched
while she sobbed.

“Why did you kill him?” She asked softly
“For you and for the greens.” He muttered
softly and looked away.

“Do you love him so much? What led you to
cheating at the first place.”

“I shouldn’t be telling you this but..” Gori led
her to the bed and they both sat down with
their hands interlocked.


“Kay told me you were strafing Tiffah and
some babes.”

“Who told Kay.?”

“Tiffah,they are very close. I never knew Kay
is Prof Badmus daughter and you know
tiffah and late Bills are friends, Bills was
Senator Anifowose’s son and both Prof.
Badmus and Senator Anifowose are close
friends. She told me you killed Ken and Bills

“Did you believe her?”

“…partially until I saw Dozie’s lifeless body.”

She sobbed louder, Gori hugged her firmly.

“I am sorry baby.” She begged, she hugged
him tight.

“While did you date Dozie?”

“Kay said it was best if I learn to live without
you that your days are numbered.” She
paused and looked into his face.”will they kill
you? What is going on, Olami.”he missed her
so much especially the way Olami sounded
while pronuncing it.

“Why don’t you tell me all this , Tope.”
“I am sorry, dear. I was blinded. It was later
that I knew Dozie had bribed her to talk to
me on his behalf. I am sorry honey.” She
apologised as she cuddled herself in his
arms. Friends can be dangerous, he never
liked Kayode from the onset. He labelled her
his next target since she was one of the
Green member’s children but someone was
in his way, DAN. He had took him to Oluwo
few days ago and had been initiated.

“I love you, my chubby princess.” He

“I love you too my clumsy prince.” She
grinned. She felt ease in her heart,but there
are a lot of question she wanted Gori to
provided answers to.

“As from now on, you are always going to
be around me, no room for third parties and
whatever anyone says, tell me first, is that
clear.” He asked.

“Yes, my love.” She responded and their lips
were locked, minutes later, their clothes
were flying around in the dark.It was a
Reunion Lovemaking.

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