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Shadows of the Green - Season 1 - Episode 30
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“I refused to believe my love is gone… It is
Tiwa wept as her mother tried to console her.

“Tope, you need to calm down o…
Remember the condition you are o”
Eyiwunmi warned.

“Tiwa, God will uphold you. Gori… Gori, I
warned you o.”
Promise wailed.

“Gori.. Gori… Ah! Ah!”
Tony gnashed his

“Tell Gori to wake up o… I want to see him.
Our child needs to see him.”

“We need to take the corpse to his
hometown, I will take to our class governor
about it.”
Tony added

“No! No! He is not dead.”
Tiwatope corrected amidst wails. The VC came in followed by Jack and Dan.

“Good afternoon, Bunmi.” The VC greeted as he sat near her.

“See what I am going through o.”
Eyiwunmi lamented.

“God will strengthen her… Kpele.”the VC said.

“Evil will never enter this house again…”
Jack added

“Amen o….”
They chorused.

“Ehm… Bunmi, let’s see outside.”
The VC who was already on his feat said.

Miss Eyiwunmi stood up and
followed him.

“Is your daughter still going to keep the
The VC questioned immediately they were out of sight.

“Gori, you know I can’t talk to her about that now but I know she can’t, she will not want to raise a b-----d again…. Not anymore.”
Miss Eyiwunmi replied.

“Bunmi, it is better you convince her of the

dangers involve if she leaves the baby o.”

The VC warned.

“I will try.”
Miss Eyiwunmi said

“When are we seeing?”

“Gori, my daughter is mourning… You want
us to Bleep in a period like this?”

“What is the big deal.”
The VC said spanking her butt0ckz.

“Lest I forget, your daughter should get
ready to pack out of here o… You know I
gave it out to the deceased.”
He felt
lightened referring to Gori as ‘deceased’.


“You know this is my Bleep house… My
personal hotel.”
He mocked.

“What’s that?” She was visibly angry.

“Don’t you miss us having fun here in this house?” He licked his lips.

“Gori, stop that.”
Miss Eyiwunmi teased



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