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Shadows of the Green - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Few weeks later, Gori had fully learned the
“yahoo” business and it was not bringing
money as he thought. He promised to
meet with Solo after school.


Gori was seated in his favourite position in
class, people had dejected him and
refused to associate with him since Ken’s
demise, Promise had distanced herself so
did Tony.

“Been a while.” Daniel said as he sat near
Gori. Daniel was the impeached class
governor, He was also a truant. He was the
tallest in the department if not in the
whole school, he could smoke and drink
anything. He was always high anytime he
came to school and it was rumored he
was a yahoo boy. He exchanged greetings
with Gori.

“How far?where your hostel dey sef… I bin
one crash for una side this
weekend.”Daniel asked.
” na offk I dey o.” Gori replied.

“Tear me una address you…” Gori gave
Daniel his address and that was how their
friendship started.


Gori visited Bills D don’s house that
evening, he had been avoiding him since
ken’s incidence, Gori had gone through
the black diary and knew Bills was John
Anifowose’s son, he was fooled, they used
him and he was ready to seek revenge on
them all. His spiritual instinct told him Bills
was home when the guy he met outside
said he was not, he mumbked some
incantations and the guy allowed him to
pass through the gate, he went straight
into Bills d don’s room.

“Bills” he called out , immediately, Bills

disengaged from the girl he was making
love to.

“What are you doing here? How… How did
you pass through the gate?” Bills was
shocked, his father had warned him about

“Bills, why were you avoiding me?” Gori
asked eyeing the girl Bills was having sex
with earlier, he was no virgin but it had
been long he had sex and he knew it
would he nice having sex with the
prostitute for free.

“Do you have a condom.?” He asked
looking so impatient.

“Yes.” Bills d don answered. Gori sighted a
condom by the bedside, pulled off his
clothes and before Bills could say no, he
was already working on the prostitute.

The guards in the room were shocked at
Bills D Don’s calmness and made for Gori.

As each was about hitting Gori with a gun,
they noticed they hit bills d Don who
fainted immediately. Gori laughed at the
guys and continued with the lady till he
cummed. He then stood up and left.


he wrote on a sheet of paper and left.****Daniel visited Gori that evening, he was
marvelled seeing Gori’s house.

“Gori, how coe? Whee is this?” Daniel
asked, no way Gori can afford that house.

“Dan, na me o…. Na God.”

“Tell me, what’s the secret?”
“What secret? No secret joo, na the VC
gave me naw.”

“Gori, did the VC ordered for ken’s death?
Did you kill Kenneth?”Daniel asked.

” What if I kill Ken?”He smiled, he wanted
Dan to dear him.

“OmoG, I wanna be like you.” Dan
announced. Gori smiled, Daniel could never
pass through what he had passed
through, he waved Ken off, cooked some
noodles and they ate.

Gori brought out his laptop and began
surfing the net, when Dan saw what he
was doing, he laughed.

“Do you think you can make it without
some juju? See, I’ve been in this work
before I gained admission o, if not for
some of my friend who took me out
recently, omo, na ten thousand najira level
I for still dey o.”

“It’s a lie joo, I’ve a friend who is now
successful and he does it purely.” Gori

“I’m telling you everyone is trying some
things spiritually, do you know Solo? The
school biggest yahoo guy?you won’t
believe he sleeps with a snake anytime he
wants to work.” Dan said, Gori was
“Dan, wait! Which Solo?”

“Same solo now, the three hundred level
Solo in banking and finance.”

“Solo! Na im teach me now. He con tell me
say im patrol pure, in no dey use juju.” He
said angrily.

“Which Solo?Solo wey don use all the girls
for this school finish. Im yahoo no pure o.”

“I, Goriola is going to outshine Solomon.

He wanted to outsmart me right? He said
and walked away.


Gori and Tiwatope stood in front of a small
unpainted house, a girl who was heavily
pregnant came out. The lady was
Ayokunmi, late Ken’s girlfriend, she wasa
tall pretty young lady in her early twenties.

” Good morning”the girl greeted.

“Morning dear.I want to see
Ayokunmi,please” Gori asked.

“I am Ayokunmi.” Gori stared at her,he
thought of how’s pretty young lady could
be impregnated by Kenneth who was an
old man.

“I am G…”

“I know!” She cut in.

“You are Goriola Fatoyinbo from Kenneth
school and this is Tiwatope, your
girlfriend.” The lady announced. Goriola
and Tiwatope exchanged surprised

“Who is Ayokunmi? How did she know
about them?”

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