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Shadows of the Green - Season 2 - Episode 2
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☆☆ ********** Life was not as easy as Tiwa thought it would be after Gori’s death, she was four month gone already. Her belly was protruding already, the notice of evacuation she saw on the doorpost was giving her a worried mind. Where would she go? Where would she start from? She remembered how Gori’s mother embarrassed her and
her mother during Gori’s burial. Gori had
refused to take her to his mother before his
death. The woman had accused her of
forcing pregnancy on her because of her
son’s death. She had two weeks notice of
evacuation… She could not go to her
mother’s house… Everything seemed
meaningless and shebacame suicidal


“A meeting?”
Cindy asked as she rose up to her feet as her phone beeped another
message from Halima Mohammed.

“What meeting?”
She typed, she saw her typing immediately.

“Do you remember Jack? Dad’s young friend.

He wanted us to hang out with him.”
Halima messaged her back.

“Inside Dad’s school? It sounds fishy.” She

“Babe, you know I’m crushing on Jack… Can you please let’s meet him…”
Halima typed with a sorry face smiley attached .

“Buh… You … You know Dad warned us
against people from his school…”
She typed, Halima was already typing…

“Lanre will be there too…”
Her heart leaped with joy, she knew their hanging out is
gonna make sense like that.

“Which Lanre?” She quickly sent the

“Lanre deputy!”
Halima sent attached with a big grinning smiley. She quickly dropped her phone as she jumped into the bathroom. If there was something else that can make her happy, it was hanging out with Lanre Deputy, Ber male crush, she knew she would have to hid her visit of the university from the prying eyes of her father.


The security were busy chasing the Students
who surrounded the four bodies, two ladies
and two guys, the girls were half Unclad,the
first who wore a very skimpy dress with a
misplaced flat shoe had her dress dragged
above her chest region,her pants were
gone, the second Lady was in a tanktop
alone, no trousers, no skirt at all, she was
wearing a waist chain, her nose was pierce
and her forehead was a bit dark which
showed she was a fervent praying Muslim.

The guys were fully dressed,blings dangling
on their cold neck. A Toyota yaris was
parked few yards away with all its doors
opened. It was quite obvious that the four
bodies were dragged out from the car save
the bruises on their bodies. What a pitiful
way to die. The hefty body had his yes
plugged out.

“Where are they coming from?”
One of the students asked.

“See, that one looked like Jack, Jack the
Another said pointing to the hefty

“Who killed them? This is not an accident
scene o.”
Another said.

“It should be a rival cult joo… Who else is not
aware that Jack is a cultboy…”
One said in a whisper.

“I learnt he was the one who killed G-boy.”

“You see all these yahoo boys and cult guys
Another said.

“If he killed G-boy… Then that serves him
Another said. A police van pulled over, six police officer step out and moved closer to the dead bodies. One of the officers was labelling the crime scene, one was taking
pictures of the dead bodies.

“Sergeant Olu, search those bodies, is there
any weapon at the crime scene…”
Jakande said into the mobile he was holding.

“Yes sir!” Sergeant Olu responded and moved closer to the bodies, no weapon was

“Sir! There are some Notes here o!” He gathered the notes and gave them to the

“SHADOWS OF THE GREEN… 5/7″ the first note




“What is all these.”
Officer Jakande could not fathom all the notes, he picked the last one which was blood stained.


“This is interesting.”

One of the officers ran towards him

Officer Jakande asked.

“One of those bodies looks like the deputy’s only son o.”
He said scratching his head.

“How do you mean?” Officer Jakande asked moving closer to the bodies.

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