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Sharon - Season 1 - Episode 10
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5.00 am monday morning i was already out of bed, did my only chore at home; washing plates in fifteen minutes, something i used close to an hour to wash before. I brushed my teeth, had my bath then wore my clothes which had already been well tidied by big sis Eunice. She was our first daughter, ten years older than i was and she always petted me so nice. Trust me its so nice to be ”last born”.

Few minutes to six o’clock and i was already set for school, i had to wait for breakfast which seemed to be delaying because i was quite in a haste. This was quite unusual of me, to be ready for school by six? On a normal day i’d never wake until big sis comes to distract my sweet morning dreams, i’ve never been ready for school by eight before so my sister was surprised.

”were you punished for lateness last week?”. She asked me. Funny enough if it was about punishments, that has never been my problem. I always went to school with my cousin and he knows how to evade those prefects and even if we got caught which is rarely. We’d proudly show off to the whole school the kind of hard guys we were by ignoring the pains of the whip, well truth be told my cousin was the one ignoring mine was rather enduring the tears till i’d find a secret place to let it roll.

”No”. I replied her. I knew she was still curious to know the fire behind the smoke like she’d put it but, i told her nothing just urged her to be quick. When i couldn’t wait anymore i went to my mum’s shop which was just in front of our street and drank tea. Even though i was going early i still ran. I didn’t go to my cousins place as usual to wait for him. I was quite anxious to meet my new seatmate that i couldn’t wait for anything or anyone.

When i got to school, i dicovered i waas quite early and it was not yet time for assembly, our school buses had not yet arrived. I went straight to my class and ofcourse i met our dear class prefect sitted in her unique desk. When she saw me, she smiled. I knew she’d be happy to see me come early.

”look who’s early today ”. She said smiling at me and i smiled too. I dropped my school bag on my desk and went meet her at the frontt row where she sat. I climbed a desk next to hers and sat on the top.
”my friend will you sit properly”. She said faking a frown and i laughed.
”don’t worry ma’am am okay like this”. I said to her. She wasn’t the type that gives up easily so, we argued about how i sat for a while before i decided to sit well.

”so what made you come early today” she asked me immediately i had sat well.
”well same reason you always come early everyday”. I replied her but i guess she wasn’t buying my story.

”i don’t think so”. She said staring at the novel she was reading before i came in.
”there must be something up, let me guess, your Road dog ain’t coming today?”. She was referring to my cousin, that’s the name she gave him because he always fought my fight for me in school but, she only call him that when talking to me.

”far from it, kelvin is not my reason”. I said and she looked at me like she was waiting for me to say something and when i didnt.
”fine, so i should believe you just decided to start to being early to school?”. She asked me and i smiled. All the girls i know seemed to be quite inquisitive.

”yes” i said and she concentrated on her novel for a while then looked up again.
”is good you’re getting along with sharon”. She said and i smiled but in my mind i was saying ”oh no, not again”, well it’s good she doesn’t believe she is my girlfriend yet.
”just that you’re getting some people jealous”. She said and i laughed this time.
”oh ma’am, i dont know you to be a jealous type but…” i was yet to finish my statement then she cut me halfway.

”hell no!not me”. She shouted and laughed with me.

”then who is?” i asked her. I already knew someone that’d be so jealous but i just wanted her to comfirm it.

”come on don’t tell me you don’t know already”. She said and i knew i wasn’t wrong.
”Smith” i said and she gave me thumbs up.
She told me how wrong i was to have embarassed Smith like that, and that she believed i was already regretting my action. She might ve been right if it was someone else but the truth is despite how bad everybody felt about what i did to Smith, i myself never regretted it. I even felt he deserved more than that and it was quite unlike me.when i told her i never regretted what i did to Smith she looked surprised. This was the girl that believed i was still redeemable and whenever she says that, i wonder if i was that damned already. When i saw how she was looking at me for what i said i laughed and she did too then a voice interrupted us. The voice i’d been aching to hear since saturday.
”hey you lovebirds it’s time for Assembly”. Sharon said and we both stared at her.

She was extremely beautiful, on her new hair”braids” she could pass for a Beautyqueen even without makeup just powder. Immediately i saw her i climbed the desk i was sitting on then walked ontop of the desks in our class till i got to the back row then i jumped down and started walking towards her. She was transfering her books into her desk.

”Lovebirds indeed”. I said as i walked towards her and the three of us laughed.
”how long have you been in here?”. I asked her when i got to her desk.

”long enough to hear you both confessing love to eachother”. She replied smiling.
”then, i guess you’re just coming in” i said and the three of us laughed again then, the Assembly prefect came in.

”didn’t you guys hear the bell?” he asked and chidimma okoro walked outside quickly, he followed her, and it was just me and sharon staring at eachother eyeball to eyeball.
”Hi”. I managed to say.after what seemed like everlasting stare.

”Hi dear”. She replied smiling, and like always i lost my words. I wanted to tell her how beautiful she was, how neat her uniform was and how i loved her new hair but i couldn’t find my voice all of a sudden.
”come on lets get going before this glorious b-----d comes back with a Whip”she said and took my left hand as we went to the Assembly ground.

They were already singing praises when we got there, our class girls had filled their line and our boys were just those that came in the school bus ten including me. The principal addressed us after the praise and worship. She announced that form-order test (mid-term test)was next week which means next two weeks would be break, that we should be serious with our studies. That was the only interesting announcement she made, others were the usual sermons and then the school Anthem. Then we marched to our classes. Immediately we got to our class, sharon got busy with notes again and i just sat there staring around the class. My cousin came in later and saw me already sitted so, he walked up to me.

”baddest watsup nah ”he said as we had our normal salutation which caught sharon’s attention.
”i dey oh bros”. I replied and he winked at sharon whom was smiling.

”hello smart”. She greeted him. Then he turned to me.

”wetin make you run come school today nah….? He was yet to finish when sharon jumped in.
”yes, Godson i was surprised too what changed?”. She asked me too. I forged a story of how my sister made me prepare so fast and also brought me to school herself, my cousin knew i was lying but he just smiled and sharon bought the whole story. She told me i had such a nice sister and she would love meet her oneday. We kept chatting and guys kept joining until it seemed like we were having a meeting in our corner. The form mistress was the one to end the ”come together” we were having.
”Always the same sect of people”she said smiling, she seemed to be in a good mood this morning. ”And Sharon? I want to believe you’ve not been converted too”she said to sharon and she shrugged. When she was done with the Attendance, classes started immediately till it was break period. I didnt run out today i just sat there with her like i was waiting to leave the class with her but, i was actually trying to tell her what i had in mind since morning. After a while i figured a way to tell her. I stood up leaned towards her then whispered in her ear.
”you look quite beautiful today ma’am”. I whispered then ran out of the class. I smiled to myself for a mission accomplished then joined the outlawz at the canteen.

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