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Sharon - Season 1 - Episode 11
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When i got there, they were talking about our notoriety on friday. Kelvin warned that we would not follow the same part while going today. Ofcourse those students would be laying siege for us. After he was done talking about that we started singing gyration songs until the gateman came and chased us out with his long cane.

When we came outside we all went to the field to watch the football between the jss2 girls and jss3 girls. It was quite a hilarious match and we were all laughing our heads out when sharon came. She was carrying a mini food-flask on her hands, ”hello”. She said to all of us and they responded her with their heads.
”do you need to buy food outside?” kelvin asked her and she said no. They all left one by one and went to another side to sit leaving just me and her.
”you know i thought you were going to wait for me then all of a sudden you flew out”. She said immediately they all left and i laughed.
”is it funny? That i’ve looking for you around the whole school”. She asked and i stopped laughing.
”i wasn’t laughing because of what you said” i lied.
”then why are you laughing then?”. She asked me and i pointed at the field.
”okay then, we ain’t watching the match anymore”. She said standing up.
”for real?” i asked her and she answered by drawing me up then dragged me by my hand. I wanted to hesitate but on a second thought i followed her willingly and we went back to our class.

”forgive me but, i didn’t want to eat out there”. She apologised once we’d sat down and i laughed.

”then why did you come out in the first place?”. I asked her still laughing. She said she came to call me to join her.
”we almost missed the bus in the morning so, mum made us bring our food along”. She explained while struggling to open the cover, i took it from her and in one pull it was open.
”augh, such a weak girl” i teased and she hit me on my chest hard that i winced in pain.”what’s that for”. I asked her and she laughed so hard that she almost threw her flask away.
”That’s a weak girl’s punch”. She said still laughing and i faked being angry. She talked to me and i didnt respond, she pinched me and i ignored her.
”so you’re not going to eat huh?”. She asked and i still kept mute. The next thing she did was funny. She sat on the upper part of my desk kept the food on her legs and directed a forkful of spaghetti to my mouth and i took my face to another side to avoid the food from touching my mouth and she kept bringing it to my mouth. She didn’t bother about our classmates that were all looking at us now, this would be another headline this week i thought. No girl in my class had ever been bold enough to perform such in front of others not even the best couple in our class then;my cousin and ugochi ever did such. I was becoming embarassed by her insistence that i eat, then i saw Smith looking at us. Only seeing him there made me forget about the others, he was the exact person i wanted to see this so, i opened my mouth and ate from her hand, our mates in the class went crazy, thank God it was still break or we would’ve been in another mess. She put another forkful into my mouth and wanted to continue but, i stopped her, i took the fork and ate by myself before you know it my gang came in and saw me and sharon with the spagh, Melody was the first to reach, he didn’t even ask he took the fork from sharon and then chisom carried the spagh the others joined. As they rumbled for the food, sharon and i laughed at them.

When it was breakover we had two classes then free period. Sharon was reading a novel and i was staring at her, she noticed and turned to face me.
”still hungry?” she asked me and i laughed.
”well you’ve your gang to thank”she said and continued reading her novel.
”so what’d you be doing during mid-term?”. I asked her, she kept novel and faced me.
”awwnn, i know you’re missing me already but, don’t worry we still got two weeks”. She said smiling but i didnt smile back.
”you look cute too in your uniform, thanks to your sister i guess”. She said to me and we both laughed. When she continued with her novel i was still staring at her. Then i realised how deep i’d fallen for her already, how addicted i’d become to this girl i’ve known for barely a month, how i was already missing this new girl who was probably acting up just to make people think and talk about her the more. When i thought about this i became sad, how could i have let my guard so down and let my Emotions control me, could i possibly reverse my feelings for her to ordinary again? I was so lost in thoughts that i didnt know when it was school over. Sharon was the one to call me back to the present.

”Godson, aint you ready yet?” she asked with her bag hung on her left shoulder. When i saw her innocent face i wondered if she could just act all this her scenes with me without catching feelings, she will pass for an Actress i concluded. I got up and started arranging my books into my bag,she was always good at noticing somone’s mood.

”what is bothering you again?”she asked me while we walked out of the class.
”nothing”i answered her ignoring her face.
”i know you’re lying bro and you….” she was yet to finish when i cut her short.

”sharon nothing’s wrong with me, i just had a Mood swing”. I lied and she laughed when i said that, i didnt realy know what ”mood swing” was all about then, i only heard it in a hollywood movie.

”another lie Godson?” she said then came miriam.
”hello, hope i aint disturbing your chit chat?” she asked us both.

”No, actually you came at the right time”. I said smiling at curiou sharon.
”oh yeah, you’ve always been a glorious distracter” sharon said to her too.
”fine, because jenny is already wondering what’s delaying her sister when the bus almost set to leave”. Miriam said giving her sister a weird look.

”and my friends are set to leave too”. I added. Sharon sighed then held my left hand.
”promise you tell me what….”she was yet to finish when i cut her short again, i took my hand off hers and hide it in my jacket.

”oh stop pretending you care, after all we’re just giving them more to think of” i said to her and she looked disappointed or should i say confused?.

”oh this is Bad”. Miriam exhaled as i left the both of them without goodbye. I had practically told her what she wanted to know and the look on her face made it more complicated because i didnt know what was in her mind exactly. I met my gang and we left together, i didnt show any concern in what they were saying and Bully was quick to notice.

”oh boy that your shima don whine you today abi?”. He asked me and the others laughed except kelvin. I didnt reply him.
”all this LTs them dey sabi do anyhow oh” melody said then held my shoulder to say something but i pushed him so hard that he almost fell in front of a car that sped past us. He retaliated by punching me and i pucnhed him to then we started brawling before we were separated, i was ranting seriously then i realkised it was the Bully that was holding me back, i gave him his own share of the punch and pushed him . he charged at me but, my cousin blocked him.

”Bully mellow, free the bobo”. He ordered and the loyal outlaw calmed down. I picked my bag and started walking home quickly, it was a good thing my cousin blocked obum before he could attack me because i was no match for that dude.

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