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Sharon - Season 1 - Episode 17
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“who are you?” jenny asked me. I was about to say something but Sharon drew my palm and I Stopped.
“jenny meet Godson, Godson meet…..”. jenny motioned for her stop.
” I didn’t ask you for introductions ma’am” she said to Sharon.
“yes?” she said to me and I smiled. she’d definitely be a headache indeed I said inwardly.
“Godson”I replied her.
” Godson who?” she asked again
“I don’t think that’s necessary” I replied and she frowned. I don’t like spilling my surname to people, if you ain’t okay with “Godson” then you can go check the rest in my files. All this while Miriam was just watching, she couldn’t say anything.
“well Godson I’m Jennifer” she said.
“yea, the big sis, I’ve heard about you”. I answered.
” well I haven’t ”
“I see, its nice to meet you Jenny” I stretched my hand for a handshake but she waved me off. Sharon didn’t like what Jenny did and she tried to interfere.
“jenny that’s….” jenny stopped her.
“Sharon, Miriam into the bus right now”. she ordered. Miriam did as she said immediately but Sharon didn’t, she stood there with me staring at her sister. I didn’t like that, I understand she was trying to prove a point to Jenny but, disrespecting her elder sister in public would be an embarrassment. I pulled her Palm like she did to mine before but, she didn’t move and I pinched her palm this time before pulling it and she smiled. jenny didn’t seem to like what she was seeing, but she couldn’t say anything. Sharon faced me, she brought her head closer to mine then whispered to my ear.

” am sorry about my sister, see you tomorrow”. she whispered.
“Sharon!!”. Jenny shouted but Sharon didn’t even show any sign of response. she hit my chest playfully then walked into the bus. jenny gave me a scary look but,I was just smiling.
” I think you should go easy on your sister, she seems to hate taking orders just like me” I adviced her, I was almost laughing this time.
” so you’ll now teach me about my sister?” she asked and I shrugged.
“am just her friend” I responded lifting my two hands.
“listen to me boy, my sister doesn’t need male friends yet, even if she does I don’t think you’d fit in so, stay off”. she warned looking me through. when she said that I remembered what their mum said to me on that first day ” look out for your new friend”. and I laughed.
“I see” was all I could say because I couldn’t stop laughing. she walked into the school bus without saying a word. I laughed as I walked out, Jenny’s attitude was supposed to be a sort of discouragement but it was rather a motivation, she’d succeeded in increasing my love for her sister. let’s see how it goes I said to myself. I joined the outlawz outside, Bully was the loudest as we walked home, he was always trying to say something to make us laugh. we got to a bridge and kelvin went under the bridge and Kingsley joined him followed by Bully, then the others. I was the last to enter, when I got there, Kelvin and Kingsley were already beating someone. the person was on the floor and they were stamping, kicking and whipping him with their belts. It was Bully, when I saw him I knew exactly what this was all about and I smiled. I remembered he never apologized to me for hurting me and I just sat there and enjoyed the show. He didn’t even beg, the others just stood and watched except captain who was trying to stop them, they seemed not understand what was happening even captain didn’t. when they were done hitting him, Kingsley pulled him up, his singlet was a mess he was Lucky they had pulled his shirt before beating him, the marks of the belt they had whipped him was all over his back, he started dusting his short. Kelvin started addressing the others.
“these one na clear message for all men ear, anybody wey touch my bro, go collect pure drilling”. He said.
Bully turned and I saw his face, d--n he was smiling. He sure was a hardman, I mean personally I wouldn’t allow my mates beat me like that, not to talk of enduring it. He came to me, shook my hands in the normal way and hugged me. That was his style of apology or so.
” no vex for me Aruba, I know say I don misperform wella, but if you no pardon your fellow, who you go pardon again?”. He pleaded and I smiled, I had forgiven him already not for what he just said, but because of the beating he just endured.
“your yarnings correct, but you reason with your six(brain),welcome back to the squad mi fellow”. I said to him. That wasn’t my line to say but I said it after all, they all started chanting our nicknames.
” clear road for smartkid”.
“clear road for kinsman”
“clear for Bully”
“clear for wizzy”.

Wizzy was my nick then, short of Godwiz and that’s because of my voice. we kept making noise under the bridge, the outlawz were the outlawz once again.
” who dey there?”. a broad voice shouted. Under that bridge was a place where all kind of bad boys come to smoke and gamble, I mean the real bad boys. when we wanted to take to our heels when we heard the voice but Kelvin told us to stop, the person was yet to reach where we were. Kelvin asked us to pick anything we could throw, there were broken bricks around there and also empty bottles of hot drinks. Kelvin and Kingsley picked the bottles two each, I and the others picked the bricks. it appeared the person wasn’t alone because he was discussing with someone else we were yet to see, immediately they were both in sight and at a close range we hurled the bricks and bottles at them. they ran back and we packed our bags and started running out. they came back with reinforcements but we were already out of the bridge and running on our highest speeds.
As Kelvin and I walked home, he asked me about Sharon and why I did what I did in class.
“Sharon is not my girlfriend, and you know it.” I said to him.
“yes maybe she is not yet, but don’t you want her to be?”. he asked me, I didn’t respond to that question.

” come on boy, I see the way you look at her in class, all these quarrels you’ve been having lately in class is because of her and you remember what I told you about that?” He asked me again and I nodded.
“then what’re you waiting for? Smith? or jude?.”
Jude was another boy in our class, he used to be Sharon’s classmate in primary school. And now he seemed to be crushing on Sharon and according to Kelvin’s information would ask her out soon. I was so worried when he asked me these questions. I knew I made the wrong call but, I never knew it was stupid of me as well.
“okay fine, but what could I’ve done?”. I asked him.
” is it that you don’t know how or you are scared to ask her to date you?”. he answered me with his own question.
“well all of the above and non of the above”. he laughed when I said this, then patted my shoulder.
” I understand, but the first thing you could’ve done was overlook or act like you didn’t care that you both were been called a Couple. I know she likes you a lot, of all the boys in our class, you’re the one she’s most fond of, you should start seeing that as an advantage before things change “.

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