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Sharon - Season 1 - Episode 19
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Going home for the outlawz that day was fun. First they celebrated me because they believed Sharon had finally said yes, I wasn’t so dumb to spoil the fun so, just like Cynthia Morgan’s song I just “Led them on” by being quiet and letting them believe their thoughts. Because I already believe she was going to say “yes” anytime soon. They even went as far as lifting me up on the road for being so bold to hug a girl in the school premises. Kelvin started a new style, he bought half bag of sachet water and they used to drench my uniform, even though I tried to run. Some of the SS2 students that were also trekking home tried calling us to order but, we owed them no allegiance outside the school so, we ignored them. After we were past that, we headed for the “Game house” to play PS2. I was a top notch game freak then and only one person was better than I was then; Kingsley. Others were no match for me, I always beat them mercilessly.But it was vice versa today, they were beating me, even the poorest player then Chisom defeated me in football. I guess I was too excited, I only performed better against Kingsley, I held him to a draw. Nobody was bothered about going home after all we had three hours to spare. We all went to Kelvin’s compound with him, we watched a movie. He changed to his house wears and we escorted Bully and Kingsley out till they boarded a bike. The others left to their various homes and me and Kelvin started walking to my house. He started bragging about his swift patterns, praising himself as a smart boy and all that. All this while, I said nothing just smiling. When he was done praising himself, he asked me the current status. For the first time today he was willing to know the details.

“It’s complicated”. Was my response.
” but you gave her the card and said what I told you to”. He asked me.
“I did non of that, actually I tore the card into shreds”. I said and he frowned.
“Why?”. He asked.
” it’s complicated “. I said again, he was quite confused currently.
“So what really happened?”.
” Sharon happened “. I said to him, he asked me to be clear. I explained everything to him even showed him the complimentary card she gave me.

He told me to make sure I asked her out first thing after the holidays. He didn’t really need to tell me, I’d already decided I was going to do that even though I still doubted my boldness.
You know that smile when you just had your first kiss that hardly leaves your face? That was the kind of smile on my face that day just that mine wasn’t a kiss but a ” Hug”. I went home with such excitement even though I tried hiding it but my sister will always find out. I was just doing things she asked of me with much gladness.
“Why are you so excited?”. She asked me.
” Am I?” . I tried faking a frown.
” you’ve been smiling all to yourself, ever since you came back”. She said.
“Uhm I don’t know, maybe I’m just happy about the holidays”. I lied.
” or maybe there is something you’re not planning to tell me”. I shrugged when she said that, then went into the sitting room to watch movies.
She called me almost immediately to come pack my uniform like always. I went into the room only to see her opening my bag, I rushed immediately and snatched it from her. The card that Sharon gave me was inside the bag, she stared at me suspiciously.
“What’re you hiding young man”. She asked.
” nothing ” . I said smiling.
” you know I’d always find out”. She said and I smiled. You’re welcome to to try I said in my mind.
“But you won’t find anything”. I said to her then went back to the sitting room with my bag. I knew she would still search my bag no matter what so, I brought out the card and hid it under my dad’s old stereo, then continued watching my movie. The movie was so boring due to the fact that I have watched the movie countless times, so I decided to join my mum at her Shop. This excitement was bringing out the best in me. I would never go to my mum’s shop willingly except am being forced. Mum saw the excitement on my face but didn’t say anything for while. Just watched in amazement as I attended to her customers cheerfully. She ran a provisions store so she was always busy, and I came willingly to give her a break today. I even helped some carry their goods to their respective cars.
“NwaGod, why are you so excited”. She asked immediately we were alone and I laughed.
” Sister Eunice said the same thing, I think I woke up this way”. I whined and she let it go. It was quite obvious she didn’t buy my story but she’d push too hard to know your little secrets when you don’t want to tell her, and that’s why she’s different from my sisters. She received a call and told me I was been called at home. I ran home immediately only to see Sis. Eunice reading the card I actually hid from her. I was shocked and when she saw me she smiled.
“So this is it?”. She asked waving the card. I didn’t say anything.
” To my Dear seat mate “. She read, then faced me.
” so, who is this your dear? I don’t I’ve seen her before, have I? She asked me. She’s seen most of my classmates, whenever we had P.T.A meetings she was always the one to come. And she would always be asking me the names of anybody she seem to like. I told her she hasn’t seen her before and she asked for her name.
“Oh sister, its not necessary”. I said.
” come on, I need to know the name of my brother’s girlfriend, after all am still going to meet her some day. She said smiling. She seeker to be happy and I was relieved.
” she’s not my girlfriend “. I defended.
” yes I know she’s not, but she’s going to be soon right? “. I smiled when she said that but, I didn’t say anything.
” that’s it with all the excitements”. She said.
” you seem okay with this, what’s up?” I asked her.
“Am I not supposed to?”. She asked in return and I shrugged.

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