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Sharon - Season 1 - Episode 20
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“So am not young anymore?”. I asked her out of curiosity.
” well you’re still too young for a relationship but, not too young to love”. I didn’t understand what she meant and the look on my face made it clear .
“Am trusting your friendship to be a safe and a young one as its supposed to be and after all you’d always keep me in touch, won’t you?”. I didn’t give her any answer but I knew I wouldn’t hide Sharon from her forever, she was always going to find out. She smiled when I didn’t say anything because she knew my silence was a yes.
” So, what is our little in law’s name and when am I going to meet her? “. She was smiling wildly.
” In-law indeed, well her name is Sharon and I don’t think you’d ever meet her “. I walked out as she laughed, I knew I was just bluffing because she would definitely see her anytime she wanted to.
” of course you know I will Chuks “. I heard her shout as I left for my mum’s shop.
My midterm holidays was fun, I always hung out with Kelvin. We would go and play Ball at our local field which we called “San siro”, then visit PlayStation. Bully and Kinsman came around almost everyday and we would have fun till it was about getting dark before they’d board a bike and leave. Some days in the evening we’d visit his girlfriend at her mum’s restaurant. That was always my best part because she would serve us with her mum’s pepper soup and soft drinks, and such a mum she has, she never bothered. All this fun and yet I still missed Sharon, only i do not understand why I’d become so addicted to seeing her face that I couldn’t wait for one week. I haven’t planned any strategy I was going to use in asking her out but, I was convinced it was going to be easy. I had finally let the cat off the bag for my sister and now she always teased me everyday about Sharon being my future. She couldn’t stop imagining how such a little teenage girl mustered up such boldness to give a romantic card to give her young crush. It wasn’t so in their time,She now believes the world changes everyday. Thank God I didn’t tell her about the hug, Lord knows she wouldn’t be okay with that.

Monday slowly came after all the waiting and I was excited that morning as I prepared. I didn’t want to show how nervous I was so, I prepared sluggishly as usual and also went to wait for my cousin.

We got to school by 8:30 am, we both sneaked in without the gateman sighting us then ran straight to our class. When we got in our class was noisy, well its the resumption day so everybody would be talking about their real or unreal Adventures during the holidays. I can’t wait to hear Sharon’s own, I said to myself. And talking about Sharon I didn’t see her in our class, her seat was empty but her bag was hung at the back of the desk. Which means she was in school; that was a relief. I searched for her with my eyes and she wasn’t in class, Kelvin and I were still standing at the door. He patted my shoulder and said: “Today is yours dude”. Then left for his Seat and I went to mine too. There was a rousing noise by our class boys on the sight of Kelvin. The leader of the outlawz has resumed school. They also came to greet me but I was barely concentrating in what they were saying. I was still anxious to see Sharon and her pretty smile which I’ve missed so much.

There she came, with her sparkling beauty. Her lip gloss was glittering in the day light, her new hair was all amazing on her but, something was missing. Her smile wasn’t there, she kept a blank face like she wasn’t happy to be back yet. She only smiled when she saw me but, it died down almost immediately as she sat down.
“Hi”. Was all we said to each other and she faced her novel. I didn’t really understand what was up with her. As classes went on that day she never said anything to anyone, she only spoke to me if she wanted ask me a question concerning what we were been taught and after that she’d become serious. For the first time, Sharon was behaving like a new Student all of a sudden. when it was break period she ran out of class, I searched for her around the whole place I guessed she could be; the Merry go round, the field,Tuck-shop, computer lab and even her kid sister’s class but i didn’t see her. I was so worried and I tried hard not to show it. I couldn’t be with her and I also couldn’t be with the outlawz because they’d start talking too much and piss me off so, I went back to our class. After break over she came in became mute again. Well I’m still Godson so, I never showed how much it bothered me. She was dull through out the day and when it was school over, I waited to walk her to the park as usual. She kept wasting time, packing sluggishly like she was trying to avoid something. When she was finally done, she walked up to my face, put up a smile and caressed my jaw.

“Goodbye”. She said and left without looking back. I stood there and watched as she left.

” Do you think something is wrong with her? “.Chidimma asked immediately Sharon walked out. She was the only one remaining in class with me when Sharon left.

“I don’t know, maybe someone pissed her off or she’s mad at me”. I said.

” No, she’s even lenient with you, she snubbed others totally”.

“Really? Well how many novels did you get to read during the break?”. I tried changing the topic.

” Novels indeed, I didn’t read non, as a matter of fact I left them all in school “. She said and we both laughed.
” But I really had fun and you?”. She asked.
” Great”.
“This is supposed to be you and Sharon”. She brought her up again.
” oh chy, what’s with you and Sharon though?”. I tried pretending I don’t care.
“Don’t even pretend you’re not bothered”. I was speechless when she said this, she’s caught me completely.
” Don’t worry, she’ll come around”. She held my shoulder and I smiled. I was smiling often lately, I guess it was another influence from Sharon and today she came in a picture of the former me.
Melody walked in on us in that position, he didn’t seem alarmed.
“oh boy,we don dey march oh”. He informed me and left. I turned to chidimma.
“Let’s see how it goes,meanwhile don’t change from who you are cause that’s actually the you I like”. I patted her cheek and left.

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