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Sharon - Season 1 - Episode 6
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Thursday morning after the moral instruction or fellowship,the teachers were in a meeting with the principal. I went to ease myself and when i came back i saw Smith on my seat talking to Sharon, who seemed not be interested in what ever jagons he was saying. From where i stood i felt like clipping him once and for all.

I walked straight to him, he didnt even know i was standing there until i barked at him to get up. He stared at me then turned to continue what he was saying. I folded my hand tightly like i was about to punch him rather, i hit it on my Desk.
”oga stand up joor!!!!”. I shouted attracting the attention of everyone.
”oh boy why you dey shout nah?”. He asked.
That question killed my patience,i grabbed him tightly on the collar of his jacket like i was going to strangle him with it then, i pulled of my seat, he pushed me and i staggered backwards when i regained my balance, i whipped him so hard on his chest with my two hands. Then my friend chisom came aand stood between us both.
”because of ordinary seaat na him you dey make noise”. He saaid and started walking back to his seat.
”oh yeah? Because of a girl you’ve grown so bored of your seat that you cant go close to it?incase you need a new seat, go ahead and tell your parents to get you a new one!! Woman wrapper!!”i shouted at the top of my voice.
No one seemed to be pleased about my action, according to the expression on their faces they weren’t cool with what i did not even my cousin. I cared less though, at least that would keep him away from my desk. When i went back to sit down, sharon was just staring at me like i’d pressed a wrong button.

”jealous?”she asked me. I gave her a stern look that denotes what do you mean.
”well am sorry okay?” she pleaded and i started arranging my books but, she kept talking;
”you know during break,when you’re with your friends you are always so loud but when you’re back in class you turn mute again and from what you just did……”
”maybe you’re yet to know anything about me girl” i cut her short. She was going to say something but i interrupted her again
”and about your question”i said looking straight into her eyes. ”the next time your boyfriend needs to talk to you he either comes to your seat or you go to his”. When i was done i just faced my desk, i didnt want to see her face because i was already regretting what i said. Immediately it was break period i ran out like always straight to the canteen. I regretted what i said to her, i guessed it could’ve hurt her so much so i decided i would apologise when i get back to class. I’ve never said ”i’m sorry” to anyone before except my dad and thats whenever he was flogging me so, i imagined how bad it was going to be.

I couldnt wait for the break to end cus it seemed to be taking time i just walked back into our class i saw her eating pancakes, i went near and sat down on my seat. She didnt even look at me and that made it more difficult.
”Ahem!!”i grunted and then she looked, immediately looked at me i lost all the words i wanted to say so, i fought to get them back.
” ehm see,uhm about what i said earlier,i meant non of it i was just….”

”angry i know” she said smiling and i nodded. It seems her smile was Enchanted cause whenever i see her smile it haunts me. She tore out a sheet and wrote something then placed it on my read; ”you thought i was angry right?”

i looked at her and she laughed. ”come on Godson, i figured you don’t like talking in class so, how about we talk through writing?”. She asked. I laughed when i heard her say that. I also wrote on the sheet too ”yes i thought you were” and forwarded to her, if she loves game a lot?

Am Game!!!

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