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Silver Bullet.  - Season 1 - Episode 16
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6. 45 A.M.

Agent Adams sat down in his office, paperwork littered the table and his laptop was idling away. He was seriously worried by the current crisis. He was at loss on how to tackle it. Even as shameful as it may sound, the CTAN had been tracking the Malibu for close to three years now and were unable to get even a single lead. The Malibu has resources, sponsors all over the world and important personalities in powerful governmental positions.

The main problem that CTAN had been facing is the problem of spies which the mafia has numerous, even within the CTAN.

Adams jerked up from his reverie with the sound of a light tap on the door.

“Who’s there?”

“It’s me, Agent Vittorio”.

“Oh,come in”.

She pushed the transparent glass door open and came in, a filed report in her hands.

“I brought the list”, she said hand it over.

“Okay, I’ll quickly go over it. I’ll call you when I’m done”, he said scanning through the document.

“Please boss, I have something to say”.

He looked up. “Something about what?”

“It’s about this case”,
she said. Adams became interested and dropped the document.

“What about it?”

“I have a suspect within this agency who might have been leaking information”.

“Within the CTAN? Are you sure about this?”
“Of course”.

“And who’s it that?”
He asked. She dropped her file on the desk and opened it.

“You can’t be serious”,
he said still staring at the zoomed picture of a young man making a phone call at a phone booth.

“Believe me, it’s him. I’ve got evidence”.

“So Agent Elroy has been the insider. Let me see the evidence”,
he demanded. She flipped the picture to reveal another. It was a snapshot of Elroy with another man under a shade, they seem to be exchanging something.

“Who’s that guy over there? I think I know him from somewhere”,
Adam asked.

“I ran a check on him on the database. He’s simply known as Marvin but his real name is Marcellinus Vinci; works with the Malibu”.

“Of course, we stumbled upon him during an investigation. What would Elroy be doing with that terrorist?”

“The same question I asked myself”.

“That would explain his recent jerky attitude”.

“Yeah, his secret bank account in Zurich says all. Something has to be done before something bad happens”.

“I’m well aware that Elroy has greed problem, he’s capable of it”.
Adams stood up and walked to the wall-size LCD monitor. He called up the security cameras and soon spotted Elroy as he was heading to the closet; he was bent on his phone.

His suspicion kept on rising and with it, adrenaline. He took a pistol and stuck it in the gun holster on his belt. He grabbed the files and tucked it under his armpit and stormed out of the office in a rage.


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